Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Poll: Do you call handhelds like the Game Boy or Nintendo DS a “console”?

Image: Nintendo Life

In a recent chat with a friend, we somehow got lost in the topic of our “favorite console”.When we suggested the winner and defended our favorites, I expected some easy-going jokes and jokes, but when I mentioned 3DS, the conversation was unexpectedly controversial. became Hmm When Ah..

My companion responded and it became:

“No, no, console-not handheld.”
“Well, the handheld is a console. In fact, it’s a handheld console.”
“No, that is Proper console. “
“A handheld console is a” suitable “console. “
“No, it’s not”
“So, is the Game Boy saying it’s not a’legit’? It’s like a Tamagotchi or something.”
“It’s portable! Unlike SNES and GameCube. It doesn’t connect to a TV.”
“It’s still a console! Is Switch a console?”
“The switch is a hybrid.”
“Hybrid … Console:”
“Pfff, anything …”

We politely agreed to disagree, confused, out of breath, and quietly reassessed our friendship.

To me, it looked truncated. Almost everything with compatible software and button input, whether portable or not, is a game console, whether portable, under a terry, or a mixture of the two. The size or screen to output so that there is no difference. It’s a console, it’s over.

Still, I wondered how many noodle-like nomenclatures I have other It’s NL voting time because people don’t classify portables as “consoles”! Let us know exactly where you stand on this most controversial game issue in the polls below.

Nice Nintendo handheld game console
Nice Nintendo handheld game console (Image: Nintendo Life)

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