Two years ago, a group of Polish AAA veterans set up a new studio in Wroclaw with great ambition to create the next generation of “AA +” games. Far From Home is now ready to announce its debut project. A sci-fi survival game about climate disasters called Forever Skyes.

Originally codenamed “Project Oxygen,” Forever Skyes is a first-person action / survival game that takes place on a devastated planet years after a major climate disaster made it uninhabitable. It will be released on PC with Early Access later this year, and next-generation consoles will continue to be released.

Along with the announcement, Far From Home shared a Forever Skyes teaser trailer that provides ideas on what players will experience in the post-apocalyptic world. You play as a scientist returning to Earth on an airship that acts as your base while exploring the ruins in search of a cure for a disease that devastates the rest of the survivors waiting in orbit. .. As toxic clouds have taken over the height of the Earth’s ground, you will spend a lot of time on top of airships or tall buildings originally built to escape increasingly dangerous surface heights. There are crafts, base construction, planting, research, and ultimately the fight against what lurks beneath the deadly cloud layers. This is what Far From Home wants to keep mysterious for now.

This is most of what we’ve revealed about Forever Skyes gameplay, but there’s a lot to collect from the team itself. DeadIsland, The Medium, Dying Light Series, Chernobylite, Divinity: Original Sin. Far From Home is a new, independent studio that hasn’t been tested, but has veterans and has its own source of funding. No publisher restrictions, And while maintaining a relatively small team size, we aim to be an “AA +” game with high production value and technical weight. Talking to IGN, Far From Home CEO Andrzej Blumenfeld admits that he needs to start from scratch to win the interest and trust of his viewers, but Far From Home is a flowering position in Poland. Thanks to, I feel ready for the challenge. Development scene.

“It was a great vehicle,” he says. “New studios are born almost every week. There are more than 450 game development companies in Poland. Stand in literally one army, a small team just graduated from college, a talented group, in every conceivable setting. It’s been raised. It’s growing fast, from large organizations to mid-sized companies backed by VCs. The momentum is very strong. “

The thick layers of toxic dust and the inspiration for the sky above were drawn from various comments by scientists on the air quality of Krakow, Poland.


The studio’s Polish roots not only influenced the funding model and development DNA, but are also part of Forever Skies’ message and theme. Blumenfeld frankly states that Forever Skys is a game that articulates the harms of climate change. Despite the observations of climate changes by scientists, the “continuous indifference” of society has confused the team for some time, he says.

Moreover, Far From Home doesn’t want to stay in visualization. Blumenfeld categorically argues that the studio is not just a neutral presentation of the possibilities. It seeks to explicitly participate in the climate change debate on the part of those concerned about this issue and the global reaction to it.

“The actual inspiration and sky above how to place the world of the game in a thick layer of toxic dust was drawn from various comments by scientists on the air quality of Krakow, Poland,” he continues. “This beautiful and historic city is known for its pollution. Compete regularly In places such as Beijing, Delhi and Lahore. Apparently, to access the breathable air, Residents must climb above 100m… this idea that humanity must escape to the tower, as gravity accumulates particles and toxic gas near the ground, helped design the game’s assumptions. “

Forever Skys First publishes screenshots

Climate change is not the only issue that Far From Home had to tackle seriously to create an eternal sky. COVID-19 didn’t exist yet when the studio first started working on the game, but the studio’s idea that players would research the virus and even get infected and become stronger was already in motion. Far From Home hasn’t abandoned the system, but the development team had to rethink how the system was presented.

“At Forever Sky, getting sick and recovering is an integral part of the survival loop,” says Blumenfeld. “It is unavoidable and can affect respiratory rate, cause food tolerance and dehydration, but in some cases, extract pathogens for vaccine development and subsequent testing. Need. How narrow the line between health and illness is, where interaction with microorganisms is an absolute central part of human function. At Foreverskys, the game opens the door to experimentation and modifies it. Decide whether to use the vaccinated virus as a weapon, or perhaps self-infect and enhance vital function and body performance.

“Unsurprisingly, as the pandemic progressed, the paradigm was changing between the media and society. Several adaptations to the growing scientific evidence for COVID-19 and developments were drawn. I had to adopt the term. At some point there was also the risk that it would be interpreted as promoting an anti-vax option by mere coincidence. This required some adjustments. It was faithful to science. We received advice from a well-known virologist who supports us in that it remains. “

Development over the last two years has solidified our view that the next generation is the only generation of consoles.


Forever Skies has no release date yet, but will be available for early access on Steam later this year, with the final release of the next-generation console. Blumenfeld says there are no plans to bring it to previous generation consoles, even via the port, instead focusing on creating truly next-generation titles. “The last two years of development have solidified our view that the next generation is the only generation of consoles,” he continues. “I also believe it’s time for developers to commit. [i]n The name of quality and progress. “

Regarding early access to the PC, Blumenfeld says Forever Skyes started out as a single-player experience, and Far From Home plans to add a co-op mode later. According to Blumenfeld, Early Access releases are primarily representative of the complete experience and serve as a tweak to the final game, including balancing, fixing bugs, and adding features that players feel are missing. To do.

At this moment of development, Forever Skyes has about 30 hours of single-player gameplay, which is expected to grow further in the coming months of development and early access, he adds. “We plan to arm in co-op mode and get out of early access, co-designed and tested with the community,” Blumenfeld warrants.

Rebekah Valentine is a news reporter for IGN.She can be found on twitter @duckvalentine..