Monday, May 16th, 2022

Pokemon Unite has been updated, here is the full patch notes

Latest updates for Nintendo Switch and mobile MOBA, as well as new updates to showcase Greedant and some Halloween content Pokemon Unite A lot of balance is also included.

As always, some Pokemon are nervous, while others are undergoing an increase in statistics. This latest update upgrades the game buildup to version, including bug and text fixes, event and shop updates, and more.

By courtesy of the official game site, the full patch notes are:


Halloween at Mar Stadium!

Mar Stadium will have a fun new look for a limited time! During this time, you can use pumpkins instead of combat items at Mar Stadium. Throw these pumpkins at the other Pokemon and stick them on their Pokemon heads!

Trick or UNITE!

  • Bug fixes
  • Text correction
  • Event update
  • Shop latest information

If the app has not been updated on your device, please restart the app to apply this update.

Changes have been made to the stats of some Pokemon, and there are moves to balance the unite battles.


Pikachu: Thunder

  • Increased damage to enemy Pokemon.

Pikachu: Bolt tackle

  • Increased damage to enemy Pokemon.


  • The cooldown has been shortened.
  • HP recovery has increased.


Blastoise: Hydro pump

  • Damage to enemy Pokemon has been reduced.

Blastoise: Waterspout

Blastoise: Unite Move: Hydro Typhoon

  • Damage to enemy Pokemon has been reduced.

Venusaur: Giga drain

  • The impact on users has diminished.
  • HP recovery has been reduced.

Venusaur: Sunbeam

  • Increased damage to enemy Pokemon.


  • The following stats have been reduced: Attack

Lucario: Stable

Lucario: Unite Move: Aura Cannon

Garchomp: Basic attack

  • The basic attack speed has increased.

Garchomp: Dragon Rush

  • Increased damage to enemy Pokemon.

Zeraora: Wild charge +

Cramorant: drive

Talonflame: Hayate’s brim

Absol: sucker punch

Remote stadium: Thunder

  • The Aeos energy provided when defeated has been reduced.

Remote stadium: Dread Now

  • The effect at the time of defeat is weakened.
  • Exp. The points offered at the time of defeat have been reduced.

Remote stadium: Rotom

  • The following stats have been increased: Attack, HP
  • The movement speed has been changed.
  • Strengthen the effect of making the goal zone defenseless.

What do you think of this latest update? Have you tried it on Nintendo Switch or mobile yet? Has your favorite been weakened or buffed? Please leave a comment below.