Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Pokemon Legend Arceus Introduces New Noble Pokemon

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has released a new trailer showing off a new class of “Noble Pokemon” that trainers come across while traveling.

Fans can get a glimpse of a powerful Pokemon called “Cleaver”, as you’ll soon see two minutes after the trailer below. Nicknamed the “Lord of the Forest,” Cleaver is a bug / rock-type Pokemon with an ax-like hand that tears through the wild completely immersed in a fiery orange field before joining the battle. You can see that.

It’s not clear from the trailer itself whether the monster’s bright glow provides a temporary buff in combat, but once defeated, the Noble Pokemon seems to be submissive to the trainer, whose true color is rock brown. And you can see that it is a white color.

In addition to introducing a new class of Pokemon in the franchise, the trailer also revealed a wealth of other interesting features set to debut in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Perhaps one of the game’s most exciting new features is the ability to mount and ride different Pokemon as you move through the lands. In the trailer, fans were able to get a further glimpse of how this was put together on the screen. I could see the player characters in the clip navigating the world behind new Pokemon such as Wyrdeer and Basculegion.

Other features in the trailer include an introduction to the new Warden quartet in-game, Mai, Iscan, Lian, and Arezu. These roles are to protect the special Pokemon found in the Jade area and to provide in-game players with a variety of customization options. .. During the trip to Jubi Life Village, players can customize their outfits, change their hairstyles and take pictures with Pokemon.

For more information, check out how the Pokémon Legends: Arceus battle system works and where you can pre-order.

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