Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Pokemon GO receives fixes for players who can’t evolve Inkay

Earlier this month, Inkei and its evolution Malamar were first introduced to Pokemon GO, taking over the quirky evolution of Pokemon seen in mainline games. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for some players to achieve evolution, so Niantic is announcing future fixes.

As the veterans of the series know, in order to evolve Inkay, you need to level up your Pokemon and turn the console upside down. Gyro technology within the console allows us to recognize new deployments of the system and make evolution.

This trick has been around since Inkay debuted with Pokemon X and Y, and Pokemon GO has chosen the same method. When 50 Inkay Candy are ready, you need to turn your phone upside down to see the “Evolve” option.

The problem here is that not all Pokemon GO players have a smartphone with a built-in gyroscope and cannot complete the evolution. Niantic is aware of the issue and states that it will be fixed in a future update.

“We are aware that devices without trainers and gyroscopes do not support Inkay’s unique evolution method. We will implement a fix in Release (0.221) to provide affected trainers with an alternative to evolving Inkay to Malamar. Providing a way. Thank you. Your patience. “

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