Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Pokemon GO Creator’s AR platform is currently used to hunt Bitcoin instead of Pokemon

Image: Fold

Niantic, smartphone hit studio Pokemon GOLends the AR platform to payment company Fold, creating a new kind of “catch” adventure. But this time, players are looking for cryptocurrency Bitcoin instead of monsters.

Settlement company Folding Leveraged Niantic’s AR platform to create an in-app experience that allows users to earn Bitcoin by exploring virtual environments based on their surroundings. This is what the company describes as a “real world metaverse.”

Users can use the app to find and collect Bitcoins and surrounding prizes. Every 10 minutes, new blocks containing new prizes will be dropped near the player. By requesting a block, the user will earn “Satoshi”, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, along with other rewards. However, if you collect “s ** tcoins” or “Poison Pills”, you may lose all the Bitcoins you have collected.

Here’s how Fold describes the experience: blog – Mario is cheeky enough to use a gif to collect coins Super Mario World:

The AR experience acts as a natural extension of the Fold app. This allows you to earn Bitcoin in your daily life, including buying coffee, shopping, paying invoices, and even paying taxes. Experience is open to everyone, but fold card owners can collect additional spins and reward boosts to increase fold card rewards.

The full experience will decline next year, allowing individuals to find, trade and hide Bitcoin and other rewards in IRLs around the world. Merchants can also join the community with incentives and offers. It all started with someone saying “Let’s make Pokemon Go for Bitcoin” and ended with “Let’s build a new way to exchange and share Bitcoin with others”.

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Image: Fold

Will Reeves, Fold CEO, also said:

This is the easiest and most fun way to get the first piece of Bitcoin.Anyone can use it [Fold] An app for earning Bitcoin and other rewards by exploring the world around them. It is always important for us to make it easy for everyone to participate in the Bitcoin economy, regardless of their educational or technical expertise.

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