Image: JD / Niantic / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon GO wasn’t a huge thing in the past. In fact, it has recently been confirmed that nearly 20,000 Pokestops will be closed at Seven-Eleven stores in Japan, but there are still some partnerships and activities to attract players.

In the UK and Europe, the game wants to seduce sporty apparel fans after confirming a partnership with retail chain JD. The number of gyms is small, but the Pokestop group is much larger, and stores can buy special virtual clothing along with real Nike gear.

JD has partnered with Pokémon GO to create 300 new Poké Stops across the UK and Europe, offering exclusive Nike apparel-inspired avatar items.

In addition, trainers can collaborate on scheduled raid battles with the legendary Pokemon wherever they host the in-game gym! ..

Trainers can collect Nike-themed avatar items by rotating Poké Stop and tapping on Nike items. Real apparel that inspired avatar items can also be purchased exclusively for JD!

Avatar items are inspired by the Nike Air Max 2021 sneakers, Nike Air T-shirts and Nike Air Max Heritage backpacks.

Most of the UK-based stores are Poké Stops, and only 7 stores (all in the UK) are functioning as gyms. Gym locations are Newcastle, Manchester, London West One, Birmingham, Mary Hill, Liverpool One and Leicester High Cross.

Please let us know if you plan to go to one of these stores to enjoy Pokemon GO a bit.