Nintendo hasn’t worked well in the last few months with a Switch game leak, but now we’re done. Pokemon Diamond Pearl It seems that the remake is already at hand A few Individuals who appear to be leaking images and video footage of expected releases.

Especially one post PokeLeaks subreddit -Simply titled “Get it early”-shows three pictures of Pokemon Brilliant Diamonds. In it, you can see Pokemon Center screens, battles, and even cutscenes.There are some Video footage of another post..

One individual who appears to be in Australia, in the same subreddit. I shared the following post -I tried to get a copy from the store where they work, but said the game was locked. At the very least, it seems to confirm that the remake is now in the hands of retailers.

“My job started promoting BDSP today. A copy of the game is trapped in the back room. I was thinking of getting it early, but I was told I could lose my job, so Probably not. “

If that’s not enough, North American individuals are sharing photos-proud An early copy they managed to get.

Pokemon has been cracking down on people leaking information about mainline releases before launch, which could have serious consequences for those who take the risk and choose to do the same with the latest remake. There is sex.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl It will arrive on November 19th, later this month. If you have any other questions, please be sure to let us know.