Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl New duplicate glitch found in 1.1.2

image: Brain

If you don’t really want to catch everything, why … clone All? With Pokemon Brilliant Diamonds and Shining Pearls, a new glitch has been discovered that allows you to get an entire box of cloned Pokemon and items.

Following the previous cloning glitches that were patched, a new one was found (and definitely patched in time). At the time of writing this is still possible.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Prepare Pokemon, Boxes, Items
  • Turn off autosave and save in advance
  • Stand in front of the Pokemon Center door
  • Get the pocketch in the upper right corner of the screen and hover your cursor over the fly
  • Press R and A at the same time, spamming the buttons as needed until the fly menu opens.
  • You should hear the trainer enter the Pokemon Center
  • Do not close the fly menu!
  • Turn the escalator down (press x2, then x6 to the right)
  • Return the escalator up (right x1, left x5, bottom x2)
  • When you’re outside, press A[Fly to place]Open a window and press X after about 1 second. If you make a mistake in this timing, the map screen will freeze and you will have to restart.
  • Select any city from the fly menu and fly
  • Enter any house
  • Open the Pokemon Box and press A, X to open the menu
  • Go to the box you want to clone and press Yx2 to select the entire box
  • Move these Pokemon to an empty box
  • Press B x2 to exit the add menu
  • Go to “Check Summary”

confusing? Oh yeah. complexity? You bet However, cloning is not easy. You have to work for endless dits! (If you need an infinite master ball, or any other item, Check out this video instead.. )