Image: Pokemon Company

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Since the dawn of Pokemon In the series, the mainline game is neatly split into two versions, usually the same basic game, but there are some notable differences, such as the Pokemon you use first and the monsters you encounter along the way. This system was established to facilitate transactions between players and acquire monsters that are not included in the version they own.

This was previously done by creating two different ROMs for the game, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining PearlThe process seems streamlined, as a malicious type who accessed the game early reports that it can switch between two versions from the same ROM.

On the surface, this makes a lot of sense. The basic game is about the same between the two variants, so why not combine that data and add a “flag” to determine which version to play? Note that this news has little to do with the millions of people trying to buy the game, as you can’t switch between Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl unless you run the game illegally on a hacked console. please. Through legitimate means.

Of course, if you buy a double pack bundle, you Technically Buy the exact same game twice, even if there is no way to actually switch games with an unhacked switch.

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