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Poison 2: Description of the Massacre-Who is the character of Woody Harrellson?

Venom 2, also known as Venom: Let’s genocide, finally arrive this week! But for the non-comic fans out there, some may be asking … who exactly is the very red, very scary symbiotic bad guy in this movie?

It all started with the comic Spider-Man’s black alien outfit, which betrayed him and fell into the hands of his fierce rival Eddie Brock-he became Venom. But it also created even more sneaky and deadly nemesis in the form of a genocide. This bloodthirsty sadist has built up quite a few bodies over the years, and even the Avengers have been forced to bring him to justice.

And now, Woody Harrellson’s character (also known as Cretas Casadi) is finally reaching his deadline on the big screen. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about this symbiotic psychopath …

Poison: May there be a genocide Easter egg

Description of the Venom 2 Massacre: Basics

The genocide is basically Spider-Man’s rogue gallery closest to Joker. Most of Spidi’s enemies have some tragic or redeemable qualities. It’s not a genocide. He is the power of nature to live to kill, destroy and sow chaos. And he doesn’t care about the order in which he does so.

Cletus Kasady was already a skilled criminal and sadist before he gained superhuman powers. However, after spending some time as Eddie Brock’s selmate and getting his own symbiotic outfit, he became one of the most skilled murderers in the Marvel Universe. He is incredibly strong and very difficult to beat once blood begins to flow. Mutual hatred for carnage is the only thing Spider-Man and Venom can set aside their differences and work towards a common goal.

Who is strong-poison or genocide?The power and ability of the genocide

The genocide is basically a sneaky and powerful version of poison. His outfit is a derivative of Venom’s symbiotic, and like Venom, Carnage has access to an enhanced version of Spider-Man’s power, including enhanced strength, agility, and speed. Like Venom, Carnage can block Spider-Man’s Spider Sense, even if he has access to his own enhanced sensations.

However, Carnage symbiotic organisms are stronger and more unstable because they are pregnant on Earth rather than on the planet Klyntar. The genocide is powerful enough to stop both Spider-Man and Venom. He can turn Symbiot’s tendrils into a variety of deadly weapons and even fire them as projectiles. The symbiotic also gives Casadi a healing factor like Wolverine, allowing him to survive what appeared to be a particular death many times.

Fortunately, Carnage has its weaknesses. He is less affected by sonic weapons than Venom, but even weaker than Venom when faced with fire. He is also very vulnerable to the touch of Antivenom, a hero who aims to hunt down and destroy Symbiot. And in Venom2, director Andy Serkis says Carnage’s power is somewhat different, including its ability to turn into fog!

Massacre: Origin and Background

Given the popularity of Venom’s breakouts since the Amazing Spider-Man # 300 in 1988, it was only a matter of time before Marvel took advantage of this concept. Carnage was the first (and much more popular) of some new Symbiote villains introduced in the early 90’s, and Cretas Casadi was the 1992 Amazing Spider-Man # 360 (writer David Michelinie). And first appeared as a carnage in (created by artist Eric). Larsen and Mark Bagley) soon became recurring in the franchise.

In 1993, a large Spider-Man crossover called the “Greatest Massacre” was introduced. This is probably the largest Marvel storyline in history that revolves around this character. It even inspired a video game of the same name (more on that later). Maximum Carnage has forced Spider-Man and Venom to join forces with other Marvel heroes such as Captain America, Blackcat and Cloak and Dagger to fight the evil alliance of Carnage.

Carnage remained an active player in Spider-Man comics throughout the 90’s, with several stories featuring symbiotic ties with characters other than Cretaska Sadi. The result is unloved hybrid characters like Spider-Carnage and Cosmic Carnage. Eventually, most fans agreed that the villain was overexposed. Even Marvel seems to agree, and an early issue of the New Avengers in 2004 featured Carnage being torn in half by Sentry and dying in Earth’s orbit.

However, few characters in superhero comics are dead forever. Carnage finally made a comeback with a 2010 mini-series called Carnage. The book revealed that both the symbiotic and Casadi survived and were torn in half. Follow-up stories like Carnage and Carnage USA and Superior Carnage have brought the villains back to their original state and have once again become a respected force in the Marvel Universe. Still, Carnage didn’t stop turning over the new leaves briefly at the 2014 Avengers & X-Men: AXIS. There, a villain named Red Onslaught (some Red Skull, some Professor X) reversed the minds of many heroes and villains, making Carnage temporarily heroic.

Carnage received his most important overhaul in the final chapter of Writer Dan Slott’s decade-long Amazing Spider-Man Run, “Go Down Swing.” There, the genocide symbiotic combined with Norman Osborne to form a new villain called the Red Goblin. The alliance was short-lived, but Carnage was further boosted by the 2019 Absolute Carnage. This shows that the villain is trying to kill everyone on the planet who has been associated with a symbiotic. He is no longer just a matter of Spider-Man and Venom.

Massacre: Beyond Comic

The genocide had plenty of room to illuminate a small screen. Carnage first appeared in animated form in the 1994 Spider-Man: The Animated Series (Scott Cleverdon’s voice) and served as a major opponent in several episodes. He also played a major role in the spin-off series Spider-Man Unlimited (this time Michael Donovan spoke).

    The genocide seen in Ultimate Spider-Man

The genocide seen in Ultimate Spider-Man

Carnage was supposed to appear if the series lasted more than two seasons, but missed out on the 2008 Spectacular Spider-Man. He played a recurring role in Marvel’s next Spider-Man cartoon, Ultimate Spider-Man (both Dee Bradley Baker and Fred Tatashioa spoke). The series continued the cartoon trend of Carnage coexisting with other Marvel characters, bringing mashups like Carnage-Ock and Carnage-Hulk.

Carnage also enjoys a healthy video game career dating back to the 1992 Gameboy title Amazing Spider-Man 2. Separation anxiety, both inspired by the story of a cartoon book of the same name. Carnage has appeared in everything from Lego Marvel Super Heroes to Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensiones to Marvel Puzzle Quest. The 2014 Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie video game adaptation even gave us a glimpse of what Carnage looked like in Sony’s (at that time) restarted Spider-Man universe.

For years, the villain was rumored to be the main enemy of Sony’s Venom solo film. At some point, the film was reportedly even titled “The Poisonous Massacre.” However, Liz Ahmed’s character, Carlton Drake, has become the main villain in the film as another symbiotic villain called Riot. Woody Harrellson plays a small role as Cretas Casadi in the film, setting the transformation of the sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage into Carnage and co-starring with Tom Hardy.

September 27, 2021: This story has been updated with the latest information on Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

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