Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Point-and-click adventure game Creepy story is now available


  • The perfect game for Halloween, Creepy story Currently available.
  • Help the little boy in his quest to find his brother and bring peace back to the land.
  • See the mood at this point and click on the adventure game to drag you into the world.

You should find a cozy blanket Creepy storyThe eerie point-and-click adventure of PC fame is now available on Xbox! Turn off the lights, light the candles and embark on a tough adventure.

As the Halloween season approaches, we’re naturally looking for the kind of media that will help us ease in this era of scary stories and carved pumpkins. And what is a better game to do that than a dubbing game of yourself? Creepy story?? I can’t think of a better candidate. The game begins with your brother being captured by the evil forces of another world. Just like that, your life turns into horror and you are left alone in an eerie and ominous forest, forced to protect yourself for yourself. It’s certainly a fascinating premise that you want more, and let me tell you, you get more. You run, hide and solve puzzles. You also play the leadpipe! All of this is wrapped in a beautiful package of beautiful and rigorous 2D art and eerie premonition music. The developers have actually nailed all the look and sound of this game. It’s fun to play it and crawl you.

It’s a conservative expression to call Creepy story atmosphere. It has a style and an eerie Brothers Grimm-like mood. If you decide to pick it up, I definitely recommend playing it alone and in total darkness to get the full experience (on a blanket allowed if not encouraged) Wrap yourself). When you maximize the potential for terrorism in your game, something strange happens. Immersion draws you into this hurt, haunted world and won’t let you crawl. When I was playing in the evening and had to rush to the kitchen for food, I was skeptical of glancing at the windows and scared of the clothes hanging in my chair. This is certainly a treasure for horror and creepy lovers. If they are brave enough to face it.

Xbox Live

Creepy story

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$ 9.99

One day, when I take a walk with my brother, something terrible happens. Everything turns into horror and you are dragged into a horrifying nightmare that you cannot escape. Your brother has been captured by a strange and inhuman being, and you are left facing an ominous forest full of horror, dangerous and strange creatures. Solve the puzzles that pave your way, don’t get caught, save your brother! Discover the dark story that has fallen into the once calm and peaceful forest and turn it into a horrifying place full of evil in another world. You may be the one who uncovers all the secrets of the forest and restores peace, but … this is not a fairy tale, it’s an eerie story, so don’t disappoint.