To celebrate the headset’s fifth birthday, Sony will be giving PS Plus members three free PlayStation VR games next month. As part of the celebration, the most played PS VR game to date has also been revealed.

In the post Playstation blogAccording to the company, PlayStation Plus members will be able to get free games from November. “I wanted to give a special thank you to PlayStation fans to celebrate this PS VR milestone,” I read a blog post. “From November, PlayStation Plus members will be able to get three PS VR bonus games at no additional charge.”

Sony hasn’t yet revealed three games that fans can download to the console, but interested people say “look forward to the details” that will be announced as part of the PlayStation Plus update in the coming weeks. increase.

Elsewhere in the article, Sony pointed out the PSVR compatible game with the highest playtime in the last five years. With few surprises, the list of the most played games in the world on headsets included Rec Room, Beat Saber, PSVR Worlds, Skyrim, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Sony noted that the data collected excludes Playroom VR playtime, and that Firewall: Zero Hour sneaked into the list ahead of Resident Evil 7 in North America when ranked by region.

Congratulations aside, Sony doesn’t seem to leave the media anytime soon. Earlier this year, it was officially announced that the company is working on PS VR 2. This may include 4K displays, eye tracking, tactile feedback, and more. Following the announcement of the headset, the company first gave fans a glimpse of the new PS VR 2 controller. The controller is designed to fit the user’s hand and includes finger tracking technology and many other features such as tactile feedback and adaptive triggers. ..

PSVR 2 hasn’t reached its official release date yet, but there’s still a lot of PSVR content to look forward to for the time being, including games such as Wanderer, After the Fall, and Zenith: The Last City. So even if you don’t currently own a PS VR, it might be worth adding to your library anyway with next month’s free games. Just in case.

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