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PlayStation officially acquires Bluepoint Games, next game will be original rather than remake

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the acquisition of yet another studio. Bluepoint Games, the developer of the Shadow of the Colossus remake on PS4, and more recently, the PS5 remake of Demon’s Souls.

Bluepoint and PlayStation have worked closely together for years, but the news comes after the studio’s latest successful release, as Sony has confirmed that Demon’s Souls has sold more than 1.4 million copies since its release. increase. IGN talks to PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hurst and Bluepoint president Marco Thrush, despite the acquisition, PlayStation’s overall studio strategy, and Bluepoint’s devotion to PlayStation’s remastering and remake expertise. I learned how to explore my own ideas.

Blue Point wants to make an original game

Demon’s Souls was just released last November and Blue Point hasn’t officially announced the next game, but Slash explained that the studio is aiming to work on the original content in the future.

“Our next project is currently working on the original content. We can’t talk about what it is, but that’s the next step in our evolution,” says Thrush, Shadow and Souls. I pointed it out even in a remake like. , The studio had already partially created the original content. He explained that, in fact, both literally the number of employees and the type of project, studio growth naturally leads to this next step, especially given the team’s pedigree.

“The transition from remastering to remaking was to test ourselves and put more effort into the next step,” said Thrush, who said the team had about 15 during the production of the original God of War collection. It used to be a person, but now it has about 70 employees. , And grew to 95 at the peak of Demon’s Souls (including outsourcing work).

Screenshot of Demon’s Souls PS5

“Our team is a very experienced team, the average experience of most people is about 15 years and they all come from their own development. We train on remastering and making remakes. It’s not a group of developers who have received it. We keep in mind its own idea of ​​game development, which is our readiness and with the help of Sony, what we can do. We’re ready to move forward, show, and show what the PlayStation can do, “he said.

And while the possibility of Bluepoint working on its own game is exciting, don’t expect to see it too soon. The studio has been working on five PlayStation remastered or remastered collections and several ports over the last decade, while moving from 2015 remasters to 2018 Shadows to 2020 Demon’s Souls.

“We are very lucky when we are working on a remaster or remake. Basically, we have to polish it for a few years after the original team finished the game and handed it over. “.” Said Thrush, who said that “polishing” was, of course, a lot of work in itself, original art and design.

“You’re starting with a blueprint, right? You have a real original development, a blueprint, it’s not fun to run it, then run it, throw it away and start over. Yes, definition Above, my default answer, of course, is that it takes time to develop your own, otherwise you won’t be able to make a good game. “

And given PlayStation’s recent commitment to delaying the game so that the team can achieve their vision on a reasonable schedule, Hurst applies to everything Bluepoint and Sony’s other studios make. Is called.

“It’s always about making high-quality games in a sustainable way for the team and for the individual team. Obviously, when you buy a team like Bluepoint, this is a long-term play for us, right? We haven’t participated in it, to get quick results, “he said, in short, explaining the recent delays in games like Horizon Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarok.

Don’t worry.

“We are really very happy with the progress of the development and are happy with the decisions we made there. [with Horizon and God of War].. And that’s the idea that it’s people first. We are a people business. All we do is about developers, their health, their creativity, their well-being. “

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Why PlayStation bought Bluepoint and why Bluepoint wanted to buy it

PlayStation and Bluepoint have been working together for years, but Bluepoint remains independent all the time. Of course, that’s changed now, and Hurst and Thrush explained why they officially merged and decided to put Bluepoint under the flag of PlayStation Studios. And mainly, I wanted to make the collaboration as beneficial as possible for both sides so that the studio could produce the best work.

“Bluepoint is currently in a place where there are few imaginable entities that know PlayStation better than themselves, because they work with so many different teams in their iconic franchises and developers. “Frust explained to the team that he had completed Demon’s Souls before the discussion about the acquisition actually began.”

“By allowing Bluepoint to focus on the game, focus on what they do best, create a great world, develop great characters, and harness all the resources we have to provide. Probably better together, “Halst said.

And from a Thrush perspective, the two are very well-coordinated, and a realization of the acquisition will allow the acquisition to continue without disturbing bureaucratic formalism.

“We’ve loved working on the PlayStation for the last few years. We started talking to these guys because no one really wanted to work with them, but it just happened to work,” Slash said. Explained. “And now our future is very bright. As Harmen said, we have all these opportunities before us. We have all Sony support. I We don’t have to grow to be a huge studio. Sony can fill the gap and maintain the studio culture. “

To get the hang of it, Bluepoint and Studio President Thrush don’t have to worry too much about the security of the entire team and can focus more on creating the experience they want.

“I also ran an independent studio in the past. Even with close partnerships, the amount of work needed to ensure a business acquisition or bet hedging has a lot of energy. I’ve noticed that, and I’ll go into it, “Halst elaborated. “I think it’s good for both parties if you remove it from Marco’s plate so he can focus on what he wants to focus on in the team. They can do whatever they want, so they It’s also good for us. In most cases, Bluepoint is more focused on what we want, so it’s great for us, and it’s great content and a great game that comes from Blueprint. “

Thrush reflects this sentiment and brings the studio to past games, including hiring the London Symphony Orchestra to win Demon’s Souls and relying on the assets of other PlayStations, such as the already established motion capture studio. I paid attention to the opportunity.

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The PlayStation has recently been acquired a bit, but Firesprite, Nixxes and Housemarque have all been acquired as first-party studios this year. Hulst explained that Sony’s recent approach stems from the desire to do its best to these teams. You can freely use the resources of PlayStation.

“The way we see groups in the studio, and now we have 16 internal teams as part of PlayStation Studios, is very similar to the way we see our games. It needs to be right and we It has to fit the purpose of. Qualitatively, it has to be a proper game. It’s the same as the team. The team needs to have a very supportive mindset. ” Mr. says. “They need to be quality oriented. We don’t just buy to make the team bigger. We’ll work together to make something even better than we would have done. Just buy the team because you feel it. It’s separated from each other. “

According to Halst, the PlayStation doesn’t necessarily stop considering potential acquisitions, but it needs to be a studio where both share the same values ​​and can expand what is offered to the PlayStation players.

“We are always open to building new relationships and bringing people into the company, but when we adhere to a quality-first spirit and the right kind of innovative content, new experiences and diverse experiences. All of these teams are a lot, but they are very different from each other and that’s what I really like, “Halst said. And I think that is suitable for PlayStation viewers and PlayStation fans. It’s a diverse slate of games coming out of PlayStation Studios. “

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