Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Playdate PDA update reveals its price, first batch of games, pre-order release, etc.

In May 2019, Panic, the publisher of Firewatch and Untitled Goose Game, revealed that it is developing its own game handheld device Playdate. This cute device caused a sensation with its sunny yellow color, unique analog crank, and the simple and charming graphics of its all-digital software. We haven’t heard anything about it for a while, but Panic ended this silence today by playing a video full of device updates. It showed off its first games, a big accessory, and its price and Reservation form window.

Games determine the success or failure of any platform. Playdate’s initial library contains 24 original games, a collection of the dubbing of the first season of Panic. These games consist of games designed with creative mechanisms that take advantage of the unique features of the system, such as the crank (an analog joystick). Every game in the first season is free, and the owner will get 2 games per week for 12 weeks. You can see some running games in the presentation below (at the 3:35 mark), but Panic prefers to surprise the owner by not sharing any details about the game (including the title) until they enter system.

Panic has a long list of independent developers currently patching Playdate games. Notable creators include Lucas Pope, creator of “Obra Ding Returns” (you can read it here), and a new game by Bennett Foddy, who overcame its fame. Panic also works with emerging studios from fringe communities under the guidance of the development studio Sweet Baby, Inc. The company said that in the future, creators will be able to independently sell Playdate games, which can be side-loaded on handheld devices and will discuss other distribution methods later.

To further encourage game production, Panic released a free game production tool called Pulp. This all-in-one tool allows designers to develop Playdate games using only a web browser, where they can patch graphics, write scripts, soundtracks, and more. After the game is complete, you can upload it to Playdate. Pulp will be available later this year.

Panic also revealed Playdate’s first accessory, the Playdate Stereo Dock (pictured above). It is magnetically connected to Playdate, which can be used as a battery charger and has a Bluetooth speaker to increase and improve game audio. The Dock is meant to be placed on your desk. There are several beautiful pen holders that you can use to hold Panic’s official Playdate ballpoint pen (it is bundled with the Dock). Panic also cooperated with the online radio station Poolsuite FM to create an application of selected summer songs, which players can listen to through Stereo Dock. There is no word on the price of Stereo Dock or when it will be released.

However, we do know the price of Playdate itself: $179. Of course, this price includes its first season game. You can also order a protective case for Playdate for $29, or buy it in bundles for $199.

When can I buy Playdate? Panic did not disclose the release date, but it will start accepting pre-orders in July. The exact time of next month is unknown, but Panic promises not to surprise customers and will announce the booking date one week before the launch.The reservation will be at Air date.

Panic assures fans that Playdate will not be sold out forever after the pre-order date. The company will continue to accept future orders and will gradually ship products after receiving the factory’s products. Of course, those who place an order earlier will get a handheld computer earlier. Panic also hopes to lower expectations by reminding customers that anything can go wrong, and due to the global shortage of parts and the impact of COVID, it may take a while for Playdates to arrive. With this in mind, Panic stated that you can cancel your booking at any time for any reason. Panic promises to share more updates on Playdate in the coming weeks.

What do you think of the speech? Are you interested in picking a Playdate on the road? Let us know in the comments!

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