Monday, May 16th, 2022

Playdate launch pushed back in 2022 following “frustrating” hardware issues

Logistics issues seem to be a hot issue so far, as it wasn’t just the launch of Steam Deck that was postponed. Playdate, like the little yellow Game Boy, also misses the planned release date.

Here’s how the Playdate team described the issue that caused the delay in an update sent to all Playdate customers who pre-ordered one of the units.

“When the first 5,000 completed Playdate units arrived in our warehouse in California in 2021, we started testing some of them. We soon expected some of them to us. I noticed that it didn’t give me the battery life …

Made a difficult and costly decision to replace all A combination of existing and new batteries from completely different battery suppliers. “

Fortunately, the Playdate team is “very confident” that the new battery supplier will offer the designed battery life. “Playdate batteries are designed to last very long and have been around for a while.”

The 5,000 playdates that were supposed to be completed and shipped to customers had to be returned to Malaysia for a new battery. “How did it feel? Not good !!!”

Playdate update

But it’s not just the battery. Due to a global chip shortage (Nintendo is also suffering) and a pandemic-related global supply chain disruption, the team had to come up with a workaround. It’s similar, but using a more widely available CPU.The chips they were trying to use are obviously 2 years!!

“When it comes to playing the game, there’s nothing different about this new board revision. It’s functionally the same, but it gives us the best chance of winning a play date next year. ..

That is, the “queue” has not changed, but all pre-orders have been postponed. People receive play dates in the order they are purchased.

The updated schedule is as follows:

Group # 1 ~ 1 ~ 10,000
Late 2021 → Now early 2022

Group # 2 ~ 10,000 ~ 20,000
Late 2021 → Now early 2022

Group # 3 ~ 20,000 ~ 30,000
Still in 2022 (second half)

Group # 4 ~ 30,000 ~ 40,000
Still in 2022 (second half)

Group # 5 ~ 40,000 ~ 50,000
Still in 2022 (second half)

The good news is:

“On the software side, we’ve thoroughly tested the season delivery code for all Panic employees over the last few weeks.

After making some tweaks and tweaks, the game will be delivered exactly as we dreamed of. Wake up in the morning and have two new games on Playdate so you can unwrap and play. Every delivery of a new game works well and feels good.

We have also completed some very complex tasks. File system update For Playdate, Playdate ships with a more robust journaling file system to get the most out of 4 GB of storage. “

And, of course, they outlined how the “season” of the game works.

“Playdate Season 1 begins the first time you set up a playdate. You’ll get two games right away, and every Monday you’ll get two new games for three months.

Initially everyone wanted a synchronized season, but that alone wasn’t the right thing to do with artificial restraints from shipping units to customers. But with another season, the dream of a synchronized season will finally come true. “

There is a lot of information to incorporate, but transparency is good. Hopefully there’s no worse news for a hopeful Playdate player.

Does this affect plans to give someone a playdate as a holiday gift? Let us know in the comments!