Monday, September 20th, 2021

Plant a lovely garden for yourself in the “Garden Path”, a healthy game will be launched soon

image: Carrot cake

Solo British developer (and illustrator!) Louis Durrant, also known as Carrot Cake, launched Kickstarter for The Garden Path on July 21 and reached its 100% goal earlier this week. Now, with less than two days left before the campaign, everything is to achieve these extended goals-the first goal was achieved today.

After reaching the initial funding target of £20,000, the first extended target was £25,000 and promised to bring the game to Nintendo Switch. The next goal is £30,000 for a local multiplayer game. If the event reaches 130% of the funds in the next 40 hours or so, this goal will be included in the game.

If you are curious about what a garden path is, please refer to Durrant’s description on the Kickstarter page:

The garden path is a life simulation film About the fun of gardening, and the little fun that comes with it. Whether you are fishing, planting, trading or just hanging out with new friends, While walking the garden path, a wonderful and longing adventure awaits you.

The game is “designed to play as you want”, just like Cozy Grove and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, matching the passage of time in real life. It lasts 28 days a year and each season lasts for a week, which means you will have the opportunity to experience all this earlier than ACNH. Seasons will affect gardens and wilderness, bringing new plants, new fish, and new events.

Garden path

You can plant flowers, meet new characters, and gradually build complex overgrown and neglected gardens to attract new visitors. Some people will decide to settle down, while others will just pass by-merchants, miners and drama types, they will be keen to trade with you.

Did we mention that all characters are animals? You may have guessed this from the healthy cottagecore atmosphere, but along the way you will encounter toads, pigs, bears and birds. There are also vegetables, which is a bit worrying in the game of growing vegetables. Are you god?

There is much more about The Garden Path, we can’t write about it in this article, so We recommend you to check Kickstarter -After all, your promise can ensure local multiplayer games!

Garden path

(Oh, if you’re thinking, “I can swear this game only came out recently, and, isn’t it pixel art?” You mixed it up with Garden Story. It doesn’t matter, we understand. We almost did it.)

The release date of the Switch has not yet been determined, but its goal is to release it on Windows, Mac and Linux in 2021. You can Play a short demo on now.