Saturday, June 12th, 2021

PixelJunk Eden 2 now has various switch collector options in restricted games

© Limited Run Games / Q-Games

The “PixelJunk” series developed by Q-Games has a well-deserved dedicated fan base. Nintendo systems also have some entries in the series, including two on the Switch.The most recent already Pixel Trash Garden of Eden 2, This is a very stylized “audiovisual experience”-once you get used to it-it will be pretty good.

Now, this version is offering Limited Run Games treatment for Switch owners, with three pre-order options available before July 4. It is worth noting that these are only distributed by LRG, so they are not the “number” part of the socket Switch series. The versions and links of the relevant store pages are as follows.

You can see a picture outlining the expensive collector’s edition at the top of this article; if you are willing to pay that much, that is a lot of additional benefits.

So, are you moving?