Monday, May 16th, 2022

PixelArt Sci-Fi RPG Undungeon available today on Xbox Game Pass


  • Explore the open world of rich apocalyptic pixel art with random encounters and ambush.
  • Customize your hero by transplanting organs into their bodies to suit your playing style.
  • Dive deeper into the heart-wrenching science fiction story of the endangered Multiverse.

We are excited to announce it Andungeon, Pixel Art SF ARPG is available today on the Xbox Game Pass! Our team has been on a considerable journey. Andungeon Development is 6 years. With today’s launch, we’re excited to see how the gaming community reacts to it.

What is Andungeon?? First and foremost, it’s a unique visual experience. We have tried to create a world where you can feel at home quickly, and a world you have never seen before. The style of pixel art seemed to fit the team’s ambitious sci-fi vision.

We have formed a team of 13 people. Four of them are artists. Countless hours have been spent hand-drawing and animating our exquisite environment and characters to get players to say, “I want to explore this world!” Speaking of our inspiration, Frank Herbert’s “Dune” and some of the most iconic pixel art titles include: Moon writer It will come to your mind.

Narratives and folklore are other important features we have focused on in our pursuit of immersiveness. Andungeon Is set to the Multiverse, and the seven dimensions are at stake in fierce turmoil. You are void: Messenger, Herald, created by your plane and sent to the ancient city of Alkaban to collect six seals belonging to other worlds. As you travel through space-time, the Multiverse is shaken by catastrophic cataclysms of unknown nature and remains stuck in barren alien lands. To find a way out of this hostile desert, you need to communicate with local tribal people.


We are committed to folklore to create a lively breathing universe. It covers tens of thousands of years from ancient times to today, clouded by fear and uncertainty. Our game contains over 150,000 words of text and conversation. The decisions you make during your journey can have enormous consequences in the end.

Andungeon Is an action-oriented role-playing game. In other words, you can’t fall without a fight. Some hostile animals and locals are not happy with the sudden invasion of their ecosystem and will want to stop you. You are free to use a variety of weapons, including various claws for close quarters combat and remote tools such as bombs, knives, and other deadly projectiles. The game also has an unorthodox healing system that deploys healing items to replenish HP points and land strikes. Be careful not to be stolen when you need it.


Another innovative system that our game is trying to introduce is the organ transplant system. Pillage organs from killed enemies or build organs from organic matter, giving the body even more powerful abilities. The core is the body’s major viral organ that can be enhanced and customized, allowing builds ranging from “tanking” to applying DoT (Damage over Time) or critical damage to the adopted companion. We are doing our best to make the character building mechanics as deep as possible in the various building styles, and we hope that each player will adjust the hero to the play style that suits him best.

Like the characters, two worlds will be available at launch. When Void finds himself stuck after a failed trip to Alkaban, Wasteland is a windswept outback with a harsh dry climate, aggressive fauna, and strange tribes living in vast rocky areas. is. The second world, Lutenland, looks like a lush and dangerous wetland. All kinds of spiders, reptiles and amphibians live in ancient ruins, mysteries and inevitably dangerous lands.


Andungeon Focus on exploration. We have introduced a global map with random events to add elements of uncertainty and surprise to each journey.

Andungeon You can use it today with your Xbox Game Pass. Thank you.Keep up to date with Follow us on Twitter When Join the Discord server..

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$ 19.99

Undungeon is an action role-playing experience that regains the spirit of old-fashioned action / RPG wrapped in a modern design. Restore order in all dimensions, influence and determine the fate of the world, and create and determine what will happen in the new multiverse. Aesthetics of colorful pixel art: Each tree, bush, or rock is hand-painted, and each enemy has dozens of carefully crafted animated frames to create a unique visual experience. A heart-wrenching science fiction story: Several multidimensional versions of the Earth have suddenly merged and shattered each other in a cataclysmic event known as the Great Shift. This event damaged the structure of time and space itself, and seemed to go beyond reconstruction. As Herald, you join a secret interdimensional organization — Herald’s Undercover Bay, or simply a hub created by Dharma to improve the aftermath of a catastrophe. Heated real-time battle: Control Herald — an omnipotent hero created by God. Combine his powerful melee and ranged attacks to defeat your enemies. Carefully heal your enemies so they don’t steal your remedies, move and use different buffs and debuffs to take advantage and defeat your rivals. Customizable Hero: Embed various organs in Herald’s body to gain unique combat enhancers and passive abilities. Collect and equip nodes and runes to make Herald like a god. Express yourself and create builds that perfectly fit your playstyle, including companions, throwable weapons, critical or DoT damage. Crafting System: A deep crafting system that allows you to disassemble basic materials and create your own organs, weapons, gear, and consumables to help you define your own playthrough from the resources you receive. Vast open world: Explore incredibly distant lands and meet their exotic inhabitants — wherever you go, merchants and bandits live their lives. You can trade with the locals, recruit them to help you in battle, or even destroy their camps. Between missions, you can recover, gear up, and rest on the HUB. This is a base that spreads out in a neutral space between dimensions. NPC Interaction System: The decisions you make as Herald affect not only the fate of the characters you meet, but also the overall dimension.