Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Pixel Art Metroidvania’Souldiers’ switch between puzzles, platforms and battles

update: Publisher Dear Villagers shared a first look at Souldiers’ gameplay in a new exclusive commentary video. Check the above and see the details of the game in the original article below.

Original article (Thursday, October 21, 2021 12:00 BST): Next year’s Nintendo Switch will add to the fun of Metroidvania with publisher Dear Villagers and developer Retro Forge Souldiers coming to the e-shop in the spring of 2022.

Revived through a fascinating pixelated world, Souldiers is fighting for freedom in a “expansive fantasy world between living and fallen.” You’ll be trapped in all the usual features of this genre, such as puzzle platforms, exploration, and “soul-like” combat. There is an interesting story that accompanies it.

“While fighting for the glory of your kingdom, you and your fellow soldiers will be taken to the mysterious land of Terragaya on the edge of the afterlife. Your job is to find the Guardian and then next. To move into the world of. You and your compatriots have never actually died.

Fight towards the heart of the mystery. Defeat cunning enemies, solve evil puzzles, upgrade your character and explore every corner of the dazzling and complex 16-bit world. Soul Dears is a retro epic handmade from ancient times. “

The specific release date beyond its Spring 2022 window hasn’t been announced yet, but there are some early details to elaborate a bit more on what we can expect.

-Understanding Melee Combat: Slash, parry, dodge, upgrade your skills and equipment to find the fighting style that’s right for you.

-Interconnected worlds: Discover vast handmade landscapes full of treasures, nail-tough bosses, and secret trails.

-16-bit sensation: Terragaya comes alive with vibrant, world-class pixel art with attention to detail.

-Smart Move: Solve environmental puzzles and leap from place to place with an ever-expanding move set.

What should be noted? Feel free to share your thoughts on the game in the comments below.