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Pikmin 4 is real.

ok it’s not all we know We’ve gathered all the juicy tidbits we have about the upcoming sequel to the beloved but slightly niche Nintendo strategy game, a title we first heard about a long time ago.

There is none whole There’s still a lot to learn, so be sure to check back as more trailers and screenshots trickle down the Pikmin news pipe…

Pikmin 4 details, images, trailers and more

Up to this point

Pikmin 4: What we know so far
A screenshot of Pikmin 3 Deluxe, the last Pikmin game on Switch — Image: Nintendo/Nintendo Life

Back in 2015, Shigeru Miyamoto said in an interview that the Pikmin 3 follow-up was “actually very close to completion” and that “the Pikmin team is always working on what’s next.” . When Eurogamer followed up with this interview and asked Nintendo if this was true, they replied:

“We can confirm that Pikmin 4 is in development, but that’s all we can confirm for now.”

2015 was the age of the Wii U, and while the Nintendo Switch wasn’t released until March 2017, the Switch — codenamed NX at the time — was in development. Still, Pikmin 4 has not been confirmed on any specific platform.

Well, the Pikmin that Miyamoto and Nintendo were talking about is Pikmin Bloom, or Hey! Pikmin was released on the 3DS in 2017, but it seems that it was not. Here’s a timeline of Pikmin 4-related events…

  • June 2017: Don’t rush, Pikmin 4 is still ‘work in progress’
    • Miyamoto now says, “PR has told me not to say anything about this matter”… “But I can say it’s ongoing.” This also means Hey! Pikmin is not Legendary Pikmin 4, as a spin-off had been announced. Well then.

What is Pikmin?

Pikmin is a series of games in which you play a sort of stranded or exploring astronaut who navigates the wilderness in cooperation with wild onion creatures known as “Pikmin”. There are monsters to avoid or defeat, treasure to collect, food, ship parts, and most of all, Pikmin to protect.

Pikmin are fragile, stupid little things, conduct It’s your job to heed orders and corral them so they don’t drown, burn, fall from things, get eaten, or succumb to various threats. If you hear a tragic little sigh of Pikmin becoming a ghost, bad job. And you will hear it many.

As you continue to care for them and increase their numbers by returning dead beasts and Pikmin food to the Onion’s home, you will hopefully be able to achieve the best possible ending.

That’s all. Raise Pikmin, command Pikmin to bring things, increase Pikmin, repeat.


The trailer above is from the September 2022 Nintendo Direct. This was rumored to be a “Zelda Explosion,” and it also gave us a release date for the Breath of the Wild sequel and title — Tears of the Kingdom.

Pikmin 4 was a bit of an outlier, announced in a bizarre segment presented by Miyamoto.So he updated us on the continued existence of the Super Mario Movie, Super Mario Theme Park, uh, Pikmin Bloom and gave us…the smallest faint A sneak peek at Pikmin 4 in a trailer that basically said nothing.

After a little over seven years, we take it.

Pikmin 4 release date


let’s guess later We know very little about it. Perhaps he’s two months after The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom released in May.


Hmm… the trailer doesn’t give us much to go on. .

PNF-404 — the planet where the Pikmin game takes place — is supposed to be Earth where humans are extinct. However, when Valvevolv is infested, this planet appears to be very well maintained.

The trailer only shows the original three Pikmin colors, yellow, red, and blue, plus Balbob, the Goomba from the Pikmin series, making it hard to get a sense of the new abilities and enemy methods.

We also get a glimpse of our potential new player characters:

Pikmin 4: What we know so far
who is she? — Image: Nintendo

Miyamoto described the core idea behind Pikmin as “setup”. This means something like “strategic planning”. I made it possible to plan.

Miyamoto also mentioned the ability to play the game “close to the ground from a Pikmin perspective.” This seems to mean that the camera can be brought closer to the ground instead of overhead.

Check back later — we’ll know more eventually. Unless it’s another seven years.


uh, like the screenshot. peculiar. It’s here:

Pikmin 4: What we know so far
Wow. — Image: Nintendo


We got more information about Shigeru Miyamoto’s cool Pikmin shirt than we did in the game! Available at the Nintendo Store in New York.

That’s about all we can squeeze out of the slightly damp sponge that was the reveal trailer… but hopefully we’ll have more in the year or so before the game releases.

Stay tuned for all the Pikmin news you can expect. Let us know in the comments what features, new ideas, or stories you’d like to see in the finished game.