The head of Xbox Phil Spencer talks about regrets about Halo Infinite’s first announcement as an Xbox Series X / S launch game, and his team is honest with themselves about whether they’re ready to show off and release the game. He said he had to.

Talk to British GQ, Spencer looks back on the release of Halo Infinite’s original gameplay. It was well-known and was delayed shortly thereafter. I don’t like showing the game and talking about launching it when the console goes on sale. And moved it within a month. “

Spencer added that the decision to postpone Halo Infinite just a few months before its launch wasn’t an attempt to fool anyone. We were there not from deception, but from more … hope. And I don’t think hope is a great development strategy. “

The delay lasted for more than a year, but early signs indicate that it was a worthwhile wait. After actually running the campaign, he said, “Most of the concerns about the Master Chief’s long-awaited spiritual reboot have been resolved.” On the other hand, the technical preview in multiplayer mode made us very enthusiastic.

Even Craig – Brutal, funny memes About the quality of Halo Infinite’s original visuals – currently considered a positive factor in the final game. Developer 343 revealed that Craig was “one of the factors that gave Brute time to get the job done and bring Brute to a place where the team was happy. This was one of the factors that 343 worked with. It’s one of many positive examples to coordinate with the Halo community around expectations. “

As part of the month-long IGN First, there’s even more Halo Infinite, from unpacking the limited edition console to revealing one of the new villains and information on how multiplayer mode approaches the Battle Pass.

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