Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Phil Spencer says the Xbox is working “every day” to add Japanese games to its lineup-Tokyo Game Show 2021

Phil Spencer says the Xbox is working “every day to expand the lineup of Japanese games” to “help spread Japanese games around the world.”

At the Xbox showcase at the Tokyo Game Show 2021, the Xbox manager was asked by Shinji Mikami, the founder of Tango Gameworks, about his commitment to Japan. “I am honored to be able to support you. [TGS] “We work with Japanese publishers every day to increase the lineup of Japanese games on Xbox, and we know it’s really important to Xbox fans and customers,” Spencer said.

At the beginning of the show, Spencer reiterated that Japan is the fastest growing Xbox market in the world and the company wants to take full advantage of its fast-growing interests. Spencer points out that the Xbox Game Pass has over 100 Japanese titles and the ID @ Xbox program has 200 Japanese indie games, and the company is actively working on console supply issues. increase. He also announced that cloud gaming streaming will start in Japan on Tuesday.

However, Spencer stated that the company’s interest is not only to increase the number of Japanese Xbox fans, but also to actively participate in the spread of Japanese games in other areas. “I am excited about the growth of Japanese games. I want to not only participate in the market, but also help spread Japanese games around the world,” he said.

The Xbox has a difficult history that is famous in Japan, and is actively looking for improvements in the Series X and Series S consoles, and the early signs seem to look good. Spencer had previously downplayed rumors that the Xbox was trying to buy a Japanese developer, but when it bought Bethesda this year, it won Tango Gameworks.

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