Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Peter Molyneux’s next game, Legacy, is a “blockchain business sim”

update: Peter Molyneux and 22cans announced: heritage, The game released in 2019 will utilize blockchain technology. This is the fact that, as previously expected, we will almost certainly exclude releases on Switch.

Here are some highlights Gala game blog post:

Legacy is the realization of creative entrepreneurial dreams, with a variety of possibilities for players to build their own businesses and create a business empire like the world has never seen before. This is an opportunity to design your own product.

Legacy is a game that leverages player ownership, play-to-earning, lend-to-earning, sophisticated NFTs, and a truly unique community-driven economy … and this is just the beginning.

Legacy is here to push the boundaries of blockchain games beyond your wildest dreams.

Peter Molyneux’s creative genius, God game The genre (among others), along with 22cans, works with Eric Shahmeier and Gala’s gaming expertise to put Legacy at the forefront of blockchain games.

original [Mon 11th Feb, 2019 12:15 GMT]: A few days ago, we published an interview about Peter Molyneux’s next game, Legacy, and his desire to bring it to his favorite console, the Switch. You are now ready to deliver the first screenshot of the game. This states that Molyneux himself is a deliberate reversion to his first video game. entrepreneur, Only two copies were famous (one of which was clearly purchased by the mother).

In Legacy, you can run and build your business largely everything. Inspired by Molyneux’s father creating all sorts of things in the workshop, this game puts you in the role of inventor and tinkerer, starting with making unique products in the garage and selling them to the public. increase. Creating enough best-selling items can transform your business into a global giant beyond humble origins. This is an evolution with additional pressure, such as building factories and hiring labor. Next, we face challenges such as caring for a growing workforce and balancing profitability with moral and ethical concerns.

The platform has not been officially announced, but Legacy is believed to be the first to appear on PCs and smart devices. Molyneux’s affinity for Switch means that Nintendo players may also have the opportunity to play it in the future.

Red Bull Gaming We’ve taken a closer look at legacy as part of a great feature level A series of short documentaries, six films each featuring different software houses and approaches to game creation. I’ve included the links below, but be careful. Contains inappropriate words. Please let us know what you think of the game so far and if you would like to try it on Switch.