Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Panzer Dragoon VR Producer reports accidentally dead

According to a tweet posted by the Panzer Dragoon voyage record Twitter account, the game was canceled and producer Haruto Watanabe died. However, this shocking news has since been reported to be false and the future of the game is uncertain.

As reported by VGCThe tweet, which is currently being deleted, claimed that the VR version of the Panzer Dragoon will be canceled due to the death of game producer Haruto Watanabe.

“The Panzer Dragoon voyage record was canceled due to the cancellation of the contract by Sega and the death of producer Haruto Watanabe of Wildman. Thank you for your support,” said two versions in English and English. The tweet is stated. Another Japanese.

Since then, both versions of the tweet have been removed from the social media platform. According to VGC, many have confirmed that producers are alive. “I went to Wildman’s office and confirmed that he was safe. I have a lot of friends,” said a Twitter user.

The status of Panzer Dragoon VR is currently unknown, as there is no official statement or description from developer Wildman Inc or publisher Sega.

The Panzer Dragoon VR was first announced in March last year, 25 years after the series first debuted in Japan. Known as a rework of the Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and Panzer Dragoon Saga with new graphics for the latest VR headsets, little has been shared about the game since its first release.

The original Panzer Dragoon series was widely known for its combination of rail shooter gameplay and dragon riding when it was launched for Sega Saturn in the mid-’90s. The last Panzer Dragoon game released to fans was offered in the form of a remake developed by Forever Entertainment and Megapixel for the Nintendo Switch. The remake itself had visually enhanced graphics and a more modernized control scheme. IGN reviews the game and calls it “a nice little arcade shooter that keeps things exciting for an hour or two” on June 10th.

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