Monday, September 20th, 2021

Panic’s cool little handheld computer Playdate gets more pre-order details

© Panic

Panic is a company known for its creativity, and it seems to know it when I see a best-selling indie game. So far, it has released two third-party games—— Fire watcher with Untitled Goose Game; Yes, those are two good choices.

Panic is also known for Playdate, an innovative small handheld computer released in May 2019. When we lived in an era when Nintendo no longer had a dedicated handheld computer department, it was a strange and charming little creation, and many Nintendo Life teams were fascinated.It is very small, has a black and white screen and a crank; It will also distribute new games every week.

Since the update of this disclosure is quite limited, at least in public, and the situation in 2020—and the ongoing manufacturing issues affecting the technology this year—will not help Panic when attempting to launch its first hardware. However, the wait is finally coming to an end, and the company released an updated video confirming various details (below).