Image: Asmodeus Digital

Publisher and developer Asmodee has a digital board game Pandemic Delisted from Steam. No appropriate announcement was made prior to this, Several A fan in shock.

The news isn’t very good for Switch players (yes, eShop is gone), but the game will be available on this platform for a little longer. So if you haven’t downloaded it yet, it’s time to buy it from Nintendo’s digital store.

Asmodeus responded by email, telling players that the game will leave the Xbox store on January 31st and will be removed from the Nintendo Switch at the end of July. Unfortunately, the team cannot figure out exactly why it was withdrawn.

“We’ve been working on a pandemic for over four years, but withdrawing from the store hasn’t been an easy choice. This decision was made with all our hearts for a variety of reasons that we can’t disclose.

“At this time, only PC, App Store and Google Play have been removed. Microsoft version will be removed after January 31, 2022 and Nintendo Switch will be removed by the end of July 2022.”

The same email response further explains that players will continue to have access to the title as long as the game was purchased and downloaded before it was removed from the Steam store. And if you uninstall it from there, you can reinstall it from Steam’s game library.

So with the switch, you have to buy Previous If you want to download and play it, at the end of July. All traces of the game have also been removed from Asmodee Digital’s official website.

Some theories believe that the removal may be due to a pandemic theme, while others believe that Asmodeus may give way to a new release.Of course, this is all free Fan speculation At this point.

If there is an update, it will be updated.