Well, here’s some news you might not have expected. The kickstarter for the “Panda” GameCube controller, which immediately broke the required goal earlier this month, has been cancelled.

We’ve set a record in terms of funding raised, but the author feels irresponsible to continue Kickstarter when we can no longer guarantee a December 2022 release. As a result, we will refund all pledges and pursue “external investment” to continue this project.

I’m really thankful to you! We were really impressed with the positiveness we received towards the panda controller. This project has been a loving work for nearly three years, and this reaction was something we didn’t expect. It’s really great to be part of it to set records and show people how powerful our community is when unified.

Today, I would like to share with you some unfortunate news. Since opening Kickstarter, we’ve noticed that some factors outside our control, in total, are affecting our production timeline. Among other new obstacles, China’s major manufacturing partners are affected by ongoing rolling blackouts, delaying production already affected by COVID-related shortages. We know how excited you are to get the panda controller as soon as possible, but we can’t guarantee the date of December 2022 and it seems we still don’t know the new date.

As a result, the panda controller’s timeline doesn’t have a clear end date, so we needed to figure out the next best step. After much consideration, we could not guarantee when it would be delivered and felt that it was not our right to hold your funds for an unknown period of time. We had to make an incredibly difficult decision. I hope it is the right decision for everyone.

Starting today, we will cancel Kickstarter early and refund all pledges in full while pursuing external investment to continue the project internally. I know how disappointing this is for many of you. We cannot fully thank you for the support you have given us to make our dreams come true.

To date, the controller has raised nearly $ 2 million and has more than 14,000 backers. As highlighted in the video above, the Panda controller was intended to be the “next evolution” of the GameCube controller-including top quality parts and add-ons for competitive play. It has “powerful” customization capabilities.

What do you think about the cancellation of this kickstarter? Were you a patron? Please comment below.