EA has temporarily banned more than 30,000 players in FIFA 22 for seven days. These bans were the result of players using “lossless” glitches in the game’s Ultimate Team mode last week.

As reported by Eurogamer An exploit has emerged that allows players to get a complete 20-0 victory record if abused. All the player had to do was click the Home button on the PlayStation or Xbox controller to return to the console home screen. Then just wait for the match to time out.

If a player loses a match, this exploit can be used and the game will not register it as a loser.

Currently, these same players will not be able to participate in the FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Final this weekend. However, you can still retain the rewards you earn using glitches.Some players say them Received in-game message Please note that it was banned for 1000 days instead of the 7 days mentioned by EA. EA responded by stating that this was a visual bug and that the email sent to the affected player contained the correct time of 7 days.

EA Positive play charter, Specifically, “Prohibitions: Use exploits, cheats, undocumented features, design errors, bugs, or issues to step into others. This is supported. This includes getting unfair using no mods, unauthorized hardware or accessories, or special software. “Aim bots” or “trigger bots”, “intentionally” boost “or” team killing ” , Benefits such as using exploits to earn in-game items. Seriously, scammers never thrive. “

Indeed, this “lossless” glitch seems to fall into that category.

George Jan is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter @yinyangfooey.