Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Outward: New graphics overhaul and “Three Brothers” DLC are now available


Today, I want to show some of the improvements we have made outward On Xbox One.Yes, the game was released two years ago, but to this day, I am still ecstatic to say that we still have a group of players delving into Aurai’s dungeons and eagerly waiting Three Brothers, This is the second expansion of our open world RPG.

outward It was developed by Nine Dots Studio on the PC, but Grip initially took on the technical difficulties of porting the game to the console. This is not an easy project. We want players in the split screen to be able to move anywhere, rather than restricting them to stay close all the time. This means loading the entire outdoor area into the console’s memory instead of loading assets based on the player’s location, which explains why the resolution of some textures is lower than what you see in large productions. At the time of the release, some people complained about the graphics quality of Xbox compared to PC. Regardless of the development background, these complaints are valid and heard. Grip has done a lot of work on patches to fix problems that may arise in the next few months.

After release Soroboreans, This is our first extension, we checked the status of the console port again and concluded that it can be improved again. Therefore, we decided to give the console port a new look. This new studio Blitworks can definitely be delivered!

Certain loading times are significantly reduced. For example, Cierzo Village on Xbox is now 5 seconds faster than before. But more notably, the resolution of many textures has increased while still maintaining or in some cases increasing the frame rate. outward The budget is very tight, so we will never be able to pursue the same graphic fidelity as AAA works (such as “Gears of War” or “Medium”), but for creators like us, seeing our games and each other The distance between the games is getting closer and closer, which is really satisfying and optimized.

So even though we learned Three Brothers It will take some time for DLC to reach the console, and we think the improvement of the overall game quality is worth the wait. More importantly, this overhaul applies to the base game, so all players will benefit from it!

The patch is today with Three Brothers. We hope that this upgrade will enable new and old players to discover the beauty and danger of Aurai.We don’t let outward After that, we have even made plans for a new generation of game consoles, so stay tuned!

Outward: Three brothers

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There is not only destruction on the path of adventurers, the time for reconstruction has arrived! You will play an important role in Aurai’s timetable: by providing a new home for the poor people there, a new Sirocco, join the reconstruction of the old Sirocco refugee camp. New weapons, skills and many other gadgets will help you on an uncertain journey into the unknown world. The door is opening, and the door to the new area “Caldera” of the “Outer World” is waiting for you to explore new adventures, adventures and secret places! • City Builder: Rebuild Sirocco: Create your own landmark in Orai by helping residents survive in this cruel world! With a new city builder, you can rebuild the refugee camp into New Sirocco. • New area: Crater: Aurai is expanding, and the crater is more than just a new landscape. New dungeons, missions and locations make it a treasure trove for every adventurer! • Skill Tree: Primitive Ritualist: Prepare the battlefield and prepare a powerful totem, and give yourself an advantage before the melee begins! •Grenades and Elemental Arrows Use grenade and elemental arrows to enhance combat effectiveness. In your long-range battles, there are many novel ideas to play! • Awakened weapons: These legendary weapons are not easy to obtain-but hard work will pay off! Their unique attributes will provide you with the necessary advantages in dangerous situations! “Three Brothers”-DLC is full of new adventures, skills, weapons, recipes and pets, providing you with a brand new journey in the unique world of Aurai!

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“Outward” provides an immersive RPG experience and realistic gameplay, while also bringing far-reaching challenges to the most avid gamers. As an ordinary adventurer, you must not only hide or defend against threatening creatures, but also bravely face dangerous environmental conditions, protect yourself from infectious diseases and keep hydrated. Embark on an adventurous expedition to untamed lands, reach new cities, undertake important tasks, and discover hidden dungeons crawling with powerful enemies. In order to survive in the glorious and deadly world of Olalai, you must be smart…and be prepared. It is also very encouraged to share your journey with local or online friends! – Survive in the wild while exploring the land – Play split-screen games alone or in cooperation locally or online – Dynamic failure scenarios that respond to your situation – Ritualized, step-by-step spelling method – Each gameplay has a unique experience