Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Outbreak: Infectious memory demos are now available


  • Story-driven 90’s survival horror with next-generation hardware Occurrence: Infectious memory
  • Extreme gussets, next-generation visual upgrades, cheesy narration and cutscenes, retro survival horror gameplay.
  • Play now Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One with Smart Delivery through December 14thNS, 2021

Hi survivor!

Occurrence: Infectious memory It was just unveiled at The Game Awards Xbox Game Fest demo event and you can play it now!This small preview of the game will be available until December 14thNS It can also be played via Smart Delivery on both Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Team up with fellow survival teams to escape the zombie-stricken city and return to the 90’s-inspired retro survival horror world with this story-driven undead nightmare! Read on to learn more about what you’ll experience with this new title and how to look behind the scenes under development.

Meet the next generation in the 90’s

Goal Outbreak The series is back to the roots of survival horror – overwhelming difficulty, thorough inventory control, retro gameplay, b-horror metaphors, and the latest graphics, controls and more. Occurrence: Infectious memory We take this forward by providing the ultimate experience. Full narration and next-generation visual upgrades are combined with the deepest gameplay ever offered in the series. Fluid 60FPS performance, fast load times, retro fixed camera choices, over-the-shoulder or first-person shooter controls, cheesy narration and cutscenes await. For the first time, meet fellow human survivors (NPCs) and work with them to escape the city full of monsters and undead.


A deeper and more terrifying world

Nightmares are more realistic than ever, and you can finally learn more about how the country is dealing with the undead epidemic. You roll out of this plague as you hear from news broadcasts that the landscape of the destroyed city is flooded with undead, and your fellow survivors are planning how they will survive. You will be pushed into the world that is happening. Play on Xbox Series X | S for a more beautiful apocalypse featuring real-time reflexes, staying blood, bloodshed, extreme body violence, and high-resolution real-time shadows. Sometimes you only have a small flashlight that illuminates your way, with shadows flying in the distance. Everything is out to kill you, and you will need to manage your tight resources while calling to fight or escape your undead perpetrators.


Never turn your back from a friendly face

The entire game is designed to be played as a solo or optional split-screen co-op experience. Can’t you deal with what’s hidden in the shadows? Take your friends and offer another flashlight, carry resources and deal with the threat of destruction while experiencing the entire campaign. However, be careful. Another hand does not always make your life easier. You have to make difficult decisions about how to share limited weapons, ammo, and healing items. If you find a linked storage cache, use it and carefully plan how you will survive. You live and die together, if one of you is killed, it’s the end of both of you!


Behind the scenes As a solo indie developer Outbreak Experiences are organized, curated, or created by one person. But with great support from the Xbox and its incredible hardware, I can focus on creating compelling content and not fight endless technical hurdles. With the incredible GPU of the Xbox Series X | S, small developers like me can enjoy next-generation like full real-time reflections across the title while ensuring smooth 60FPS and ultra-fast load times. Can bring visuals. Persistent blood when fighting the undead is due to the next generation of CPUs and large amounts of memory. The Xbox toolchain also allows you to shrink your game a bit, so it runs and looks great on the base Xbox One hardware. Developing for the Xbox is an absolute dream, and everyone is very much looking forward to experiencing all these effects in real time that take the atmosphere to the next level.


More nightmares are waiting for you I’m trying to brush up the bigger one Outbreak Story before the release of Occurrence: Infectious memory In 2022?The whole series up to this point Occurrence: Complete collection Bundled at a great price.Experience 6 adventures in Outbreak The universe, each paying homage to different eras of survival horror, has been tailored for the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Don’t wait, get it today! [[]]


Good luck

Thank you for the preview Occurrence: Infectious memory, And since 2017, to all fans and supporters of the series. As a solo indie developer, it was a great experience to see each title improve in quality with deeper gameplay. Please wait. There’s a lot to share, including new content. Occurrence: A never-ending nightmare [[]]And launch of Occurrence: Infectious memory In 2022!


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Outbreak: Return to the world of survival horror in the 90’s with a quick glimpse of infectious memories. Meet fellow survivors, seek supplies, fight undead monsters in cruel and brutal battles, manage limited inventory, and experience a desperate escape from a runaway city center. .. Choose a retro fixed camera, over-the-shoulder view, or first-person shooter view to try to overcome your nightmares. These can be changed at any time during gameplay. Motion-capture animations, cheesy narration, and enhanced visuals await you to solve puzzles and fight for life. Play the entire game with optional split-screen co-op, or just face the darkness. Can you survive the outbreak, or will you be yet another victim of the undead hordes?