Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Out of Line Review (Switch eShop)

Untimely Really can and so Much more.Developed by Nerd Monkeys, this is a puzzle platform game that feels like an improvisation of early modern classics such as PlayDead Limbo with inside; This is a linear experience, featuring action settings and rich puzzles to promote its narrative, but never really use any of them, leading to a pleasant experience in your first game, but It will become quite memorable in the end.

You play as San, a cute, spear-wielding character who ran away after escaping from a sinister-looking factory (no, we are not Oddworld here). From the beginning, San’s motives and goals—actually a broader narrative—were deliberately vague and abstract, but certainly not good for the game itself.From start to finish, you don’t have quite Know what happened, who the character is, and what your ultimate goal is.Obviously, developers rely on the aforementioned Inside to get narrative inspiration, but the plot in Out of Line just feels a little bit and also Our preferences are vague.

As the game progresses, you will encounter other creatures walking on the same road as San; some of them even seem Exactly Like San, it implies that the protagonist is one of many clones. It is frustrating that the interaction between the characters is limited to simple smiles and waving hands, so there is no dialogue that can provide the context for the plot.

Fortunately, the gameplay is better. The core of Out of Line is a puzzle game, most of the puzzles require the use of San’s spear. Although it is not big enough or sharp enough to injure the enemy, the spear is a very versatile tool that helps to traverse and operate machinery. Initially, you are taught to throw your spear with “ZL” or “ZR”; hold down the aim and release the throw. Then you can retract the spear into your hand by tapping the same button.

In the beginning, the main function of the spear was to act as a temporary platform to effectively bounce San onto a higher, inaccessible ledge. You just need to throw the spear to the wall, jump on it and bounce to reach the destination. In the later stages of the game, this feature was expanded to include ropes, allowing you to throw spears onto distant platforms to create temporary bridges. This feels very intuitive. We hope this feature will appear earlier in the game, but unfortunately it was only introduced in the later stages of the campaign.

In addition to crossing, you can also use your spear to directly manipulate machinery. By tucking the spear into the designated block, you can effectively turn it into a lever, and then you can pull it to the left or right. This affects nearby platforms, gears, and valves, which are critical to solving problems and overcoming obstacles. After a period of time, in addition to your own spears, you can also use disposable spears, so you need to use two or even three spears at a time, shuttle between them to move various platforms at the same time.

Disappointingly, most (if not All) The puzzle is a piece of cake. They started very easily, and until the end of the game, the difficulty curve was very slow. To make matters worse, puzzles rarely deviate from the same structure. Move the gear into place, jump on the platform, throw the spear against the wall, Etc., etc. There is almost no change, so many puzzles are quite easy to forget.

Well, Out of Line is a visual enjoyment, which is a good thing.Although its environment is not particularly changeable, it seems superior The hand-painted style exudes originality. The characters are also very clear. Throughout San’s adventure, they were entangled in mechanical claws, which felt really scary. They will break through obstacles and make creepy screams, and the animation will definitely suggest a sentient personality. You will encounter these machines in script events, in these events you need to surpass them and reach a safe zone, usually just at the critical moment before they can catch you; again, very similar to Inside.

In the end, Out of Line feels very much like a “proof of concept” rather than a full-fledged adventure. The duration is only 2 hours, and it feels like missing the potential; just as the puzzles start to become more interesting, the game just… the endThis is a shame, but on the other hand, if it decides to make a sequel, we are happy to see what Nerd Monkeys will propose in the future.

in conclusion

Out of Line attempts to cross the boundary between an emotional narrative-driven experience and a consistent, challenging puzzle game; unfortunately, it is also difficult to achieve. It’s not a bad game. We would definitely recommend Out of Line to young viewers who might want to get involved in the puzzle platform genre, but for those looking for something more strenuous, then you’d better not find a place.