Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Our Verdict on Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0, “The Last Major Free Content”

Image: Nintendo Life

After playing the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update last week, our Permanent Representative’s extraordinary Kate Gray is in the final “Major” free update of Nintendo’s many switch owners’ Game of the Year 2020. Nintendo Life will vote on what it says is. ..

If you have heard this, please stop.

Animal Crossing: I played New Horizons with enthusiasm that could only be described as “unhealthy” for the first two months after it was released in March 2020. I didn’t even panic, as many did.Work of time, I just spent everything other Awakening time plugged into my island egg (All lowercase).

And like all the hobbies that start with a ridiculous amount of overconcentration at the expense of healthy behaviour … I stopped by after those first few months. I dropped HARD.

I spent the next year without even seeing the switch. Just thinking about them now makes me sick, like when I drank too much cider and black (this is a personal anecdote, just in case you can’t tell). But when the 2.0 update was announced, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one wondering if this was meant to ultimately get me back. Only this time, moderately.

Let me tell you guys: it feels like early again. All my friends are constantly popping up online and there is a small notification that they are. They are also playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons.Sometimes someone plays the Tetris effect or Pokemon, but they still know What they are missing. Over 9,000 new items, new KK Slider songs, new islands to visit, and above all, cooking and farming, all new mechanics never seen before in Animal Crossing games. I have a lot to do now!

this man! Yes!
this man! Yes! (Image: Nintendo Life)

I feel like I’ve been sitting in a depressing all-you-can-eat buffet for a year, and although the food is delicious, it’s been around for years and I’ve tried it all. Update 2.0 is like seeing someone leave the kitchen with a tray or a tray of new food and see it sultry. There is more here than I can eat. That’s what I liked most about Animal Crossing: the new horizon at first: the richness and depth of content felt endless. But as you make a lot of noise, you start to see where the seemingly bottomless hole actually ends.

But let’s talk concretely. The farming and cooking system not only adds new interactions and decorative possibilities to the game, but the basket of bread not only brightens almost every room, but also fully rejuvenates most of the game. Fishing, fruit and deep sea diving lose their brilliance after all, but now you can find new recipes for what we have caught. Bake sea bass into a pie, There is a reason to go back there. You see those old ones in a brand new light.

The food is also lovingly rendered and interestingly transformed, with an emphasis on world cuisine as well as Japanese and Western cuisine.

Introduced in pumpkin, agriculture is nothing new. It’s a potentially overwhelming quest, as if you get all six crops, you’ll get them all forever. The crop-growing island (and perhaps the gyroid) is actually one of the best places to start updating if you’ve been playing for a while. If you’re playing a game, it makes you slow and easy because you already know how to decorate, and it gives you something to invest emotionally again. Once you find a decoration bug, it’s much easier to work on the rest of the island!

Similarly, all new thing — Brewster’s roost, new furniture, villager visits, new decorative abilities — is like licking paint throughout the game. It’s refreshing, lively, familiar and amazing. You don’t have to start anew to enjoy all this new stuff. Because it fits very nicely into what your island already looks like. This is probably the best we can hope for. Accented walls, new furniture and ceiling decorations give us the opportunity to lighten the decoration again. First-person cameras and tripods allow you to see the creations of our island from a completely different angle. This also allows you to appreciate the old ones anew.

It's like going back to the pre-pandemic era! largely!
It’s like going back to the pre-pandemic era! largely! (Image: Nintendo Life)

Overall, it’s all new that brought us back to the game, but it’s the change in quality of life that’s worth keeping. With the changes in the 2.0 update, there are some small but annoying stimuli, such as Isabel announcing the existence of special characters and having to wait indefinitely for Redd, Saharah, or Kicks to visit. bottom.

For example, a shed looks boring, but with the Super Mario Update Quick Travel Warp Pipe combined with an automatic bell dispenser that can be placed anywhere, So It’s much easier to navigate and redecorate the island. The Island Life 101 app isn’t for us (logged together) Thousands For hours in the game, we write a guide and know the basics), but it’s a great way to ease new players without making them feel overwhelmed or very late.

Start an illegal underground tomato sauce business to cut down Tom Nook
Start an illegal underground tomato sauce business to cut down Tom Nook (Image: Nintendo Life)

And that’s the heart of this update. It’s all a baby step. Returning to the deep end is scary for new players as well as for returning players who are worried that the island is dusty and sad. You don’t have to dive right away. In fact, it’s best to enjoy it slowly, day by day. Nintendo has a once-daily limit on both Harv’s Campsite staff and Kapp’n boat tours and gyroids. Many players move back and forth between this and the new paid DLC content, but some NL staff haven’t touched Happy Home Paradise yet, even though they have access to it. There’s a lot to explore and enjoy with this update.

If there’s one big negative, it feels a little, well strange When Nintendo ran away, throwing away a year’s worth of things at the front door, they shouted, “I’ll never ask for anything,” basically as “the last free major content update.”Previous “major” updates added Redd and Leif, diving, Yumenoshima, and seasonal events, none of which were found anywhere. shortly This big. It’s hard to complain too much. Because it’s never better than slowing down … but still, it’s a bit sad to know that this is it.

At least until the next game. Hope it’s not too long, right?

Please feel free to let us know about the measures for the following free updates. Also, check out the full review of Happy Home Paradise DLC.

My verdict has been combined into one image
My verdict has been combined into one image (Image: Nintendo Life)