Monday, May 16th, 2022

Operation Zeta: Lots of adventure and extinction

I’m happy to announce Operation Zeta, Third game of certainty universe. Set in the same galaxy as the previous game, this game was a whole new style for us. A flashy rogue light, space action game.In this article, we will navigate the war zone of Operation Zeta (Failure to fight the empty enemies of the galaxy: annihilated) In 10 minutes to rebuild the space-destroyed ship’s shrine and escape the imminent demise …

There is pressure! Master a number of miserable boss battles and timed puzzles to beat the clock. Along the way, you’ll come across a lot of weird NPCs who have quests to help rebuild your ship. Upgrade and unlock 13 playable characters, each with their own story and benefits. As you progress, you will reveal great battle lore. What caused the war? What is the faction that divides the galaxy? And who are these nasty pirates (Kitty space pirates) who keep stealing parts of your ship?

Every time I played the gameplay, it was important that the world was completely different and immersive. Every time the loop is reset, the randomly generated landscape changes completely. Villains, items, parts, planets and quests will be reorganized to change the way the galaxy is experienced.

One of the more immersive elements of the game is faithful to the gravitational mechanics of life that you experience while playing. As a longtime sci-fi enthusiast and gamer, I’ve played a lot of space-themed games.of Operation Zeta, My intention was to create more space than the background. By adopting an accurate gravity equation on a large scale, we were able to achieve a realistic sense of space with a cast of a very unrealistic super cute character (like the cat Loei).

Planet screenshot

There are many extinctions and adventures Operation Zeta.. Making games on the console of my choice, the Xbox, has always been my dream. I enjoyed this project a lot, and hope you enjoy it as much as you play it! Check it out now on the Xbox store.


Operation Zeta

SFS Studio LLC



$ 9.99

Operation Zeta is a space action game. The great battle of the codename “Operation Zeta” has been lost. Your ship is in a state of turmoil and you need to act swiftly to collect all the parts and repair the ship before the Warzone is completely destroyed by the enemy Death Laser. Play and unlock 13 playable characters, each with their own skills and challenges, from space monkeys to mischievous slugs. It also unlocks new abilities and upgrades with the credits earned during each run. Each time you play, the universe is randomly spawned with random quests from wacky local aliens who stole parts of your ship. It’s all on the physics-based battlefield, but be aware that it only takes 10 minutes for the Death Laser to fire!