Saturday, June 12th, 2021

One of the world premieres of the Summer Games Festival is a new Weezer song


The summer game festival is this week, and the world premiere has begun to increase. But one of the exclusive shows planned by host Geoff Keighley is not even a game—it’s a new song by Weezer.This seems to be a strange marriage, but just last year Weezer released a video game as an album promo, And the previous year, made a Weezer theme island (under the sun) In the night of the fortress.

As Keighley’s guest star, Weezer will perform the world premiere of their new song at Summer Game Fest, presumably to make a G big enough to afford the Beverly Hills house they have always wanted.

The most exciting thing here is that Weezer is now part of the Keighleyverse.Both of them carry Jeff’s face Between us with Death stranded, Which means Weezer may become friends with the imposter bean or the weird baby of Sam Porter-Bridges. Isn’t this the true meaning of video games?

Is PlayStation’s blue album always blue?
Is PlayStation’s blue album always blue?

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