Thursday, May 19th, 2022

“Old School Cyberpunk Point & Click” Virtua Verse is coming to Switch soon

The point-and-click genre is well-supported by Switch eShop and has been a fairly enjoyable renaissance in recent years.The deadline is coming soon VirtuaVerseDeveloped by Theta Division, which will launch on October 28th.

As you can see in the trailer above, there will be a hacker / cyberpunk atmosphere in the “not too far” future.You can see some of them vapor The following explanation.

In the not too distant future, one artificial intelligence has beaten all the other AIs and their governments. Society has moved to a permanently integrated reality connected to a single neural network that continuously optimizes people’s experiences by processing personal data.

Nathan, an outsider who still refuses to comply with the new system, makes a living off-the-grid as a smuggler of modified hardware and cracked software. Equipped with his custom headset, he is one of the few companies that can turn off AVR to see the real reality.

Steam user reviews are widespread and very positive. Some of the negatives quoted revolve around the difficulty (probably ambiguity) of some puzzles, but the developers then added an “easy” mode hoping that it would work with the Switch version. Did.

The developers also confirmed on social media that the Switch version includes touchscreen support. This is a very welcome addition for anyone who enjoys working on this kind of game in portable mode.

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