Monday, September 20th, 2021

Oh Bird: Check out Crowsworn, a blood-cursed Metroid Castlevania that is very popular on Kickstarter

There are already enough games from Dark Souls from Software and Blood source “Soul-like” games are starting to become their own genre, but we can’t say we mind—especially when the game looks This Ok.

Crowsworn unabashedly showed the source of blood in its demonstration. There are cathedrals and Victorian lamp posts on the wazoo, and the protagonist is a crow/plague doctor, holding a sickle as a weapon in his is Wonderfully On the nose (or on the beak, maybe), we like it very much. Inject Victoriana into our veins, thank you.


But Crowsworn differs from Bloodborne in several key ways: First, it is a 2D fighting game, and second, it is a Galactic Castlevania. It is also completely hand-drawn and animated, and finally-and most importantly-it comes to Switch, which is different from Bloodborne.

Reached its Kickstarter financing target in less than 24 hours, Is currently achieving the extended goal of adding dubbing (call us, our crow impression is very good), Crowsworn has clearly found a loyal and excited audience. If you want to ensure that you have a copy, you can support yourself, Design a Boss in the game, or buy some Crowsworn merchandise for yourself, including art books, plush and T-shirts made by the Fangamer alliance.

Quite excitingly, there is already a guaranteed physical version that will feature comics and a design by Magic artist Dave La Poza, although it is described as a “non-final version”-but it is pretty cute:


The current delivery is estimated to be December 2023, so we probably won’t risk it in Corvid Land until the end of Covid Land (finger/feather cross).

(Also, as the editor and text maker Gavin Lane pointed out: the title is very close Palindrome. Is that important? Probably not, but it’s cool, innit? )