Friday, September 17th, 2021

Of course the scalpers are already whipping the special edition of Metroid Fear and amiibo

The prospect of Metroid Dread’s upcoming launch excites fans of the 35-year-old Samus series, but unfortunately—and no one is surprised—the scalpers have arrived and ruined everyone’s day.

As you know, the game is considered a special edition version, which contains additional physical items, as well as an amiibo double pack sold separately. Amiibo may be difficult to ensure safety at the best time. Pre-orders are usually sold out very quickly, and we have seen that special editions in many stores have also been sold out.

A quick glance on eBay confirms everyone’s biggest worry-yes, scalpers seem to be hoarding a lot of inventory for themselves, all in order to sell them at a higher price to those who missed it directly from the retailer Desperate fans who bought. This is a sad general event, but it has not reduced the nauseating situation.

Metroid eBay

Of course, if you can, we will urge you to avoid giving in and give your money to someone who is trying to make a quick profit. We reserve legal pre-order options for special editions and amiibo here, and it is not uncommon for retailers to provide more inventory to get closer to launch after learning more about their unit allocation.

As you might imagine, this process of pre-ordering merchandise to be sold at a higher price violates eBay’s rules and can report offending accounts Here.

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