Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Now on sale: The new Metroidvania “Ceepo” fights to collect cute creatures

As promised at the end of last month, Sheepo went on sale today at the Nintendo Switch eShop.

If he misses its first announcement, Sheepo offers an alternative to the Metroidvania genre by sacrificing combat and instead focusing on exploration and conservation of creatures. You play as the famous Ceepo, a transforming sheep alien who must explore the unknown planet Sebron and collect samples of its living species (as you do).

Each egg you collect gives you the ability to transform into a creature when you touch it. This will help you explore deeper areas of the planet, such as digging, flying, and teleporting a series of interconnected levels full of lush landscapes. Hidden shrines, old ruins, and strange inhabitants telling their own stories. Can you manage to save the creatures and inhabitants of Sebron before the star destroys the planet?

Billed as a pacifist Metroidvania in a press release, the game can be purchased from the e-shop for $ 10.99 / € 10.99 / £ 9.89. If you’re interested, here’s a handy list of features:

-Pacifist Metroidvania Platformer: With a fascinating and unique twist on this genre, Sheepo does not include combat itself. Catch and protect these creatures.
-Tight platform with silky smooth controls. Play as both Ceepo and the various creatures you come in contact with. Gameplay remains fresh as you consistently learn the movements of each creature!
-Cross a vast landscape with lots of hidden rooms and characters. Explore old mines, abandoned malls, lush forests, dingy sewers and more.
-Over 75 hidden feathers (planetary currency) to collect. It can be used at the last remaining store in the dead mall.
-Nonlinear gameplay. Discover the eggs and get more changes as you explore. The world of Ceepo will soon open and you can create your own route-meet the locals and discover what’s happening on the planet Sebron.
-Warming cute aesthetics and a whimsical soundtrack to accompany your adventure.
-Available in English, German, French, Traditional Chinese and Japanese