Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Now 200 Ways on Xbox


  • 200 challenging levels with up to 3 balls in 3 different layers
  • Solve puzzles with over 40 tools such as catapults and cranes
  • More than 20 hours of bending fun

2015 acclaimed puzzle game One Hundred Ways I challenged the player at the level of twisting 100 brains. A year later, the Xbox version has 33 additional levels, for a total of 133 levels, each asking the player to guide the ball to the exit. But it wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

input 200NS Method: German developer Sunlight Games has raised Ante to design a total of 200 new levels. Again, the mission sounds simple, but guiding the ball at each level is not easy. To overcome all obstacles and guide the ball to the exit, some steps need to be considered first. In other words, it’s a ball. Many levels have two or three balls, not just one. And it’s wise to keep them apart – when they collide, the balls break. This new feature, combined with up to three different layers at each level, is guaranteed to keep the player on the toes.


Fortunately, there are over 40 tools available to players to guide the ball. At some tutorial levels, players can learn how to use these tools. Some are speed fields that accelerate the ball to avoid traps and hammers, and others speed the ball fast enough to pass through loops. The catapult throws the ball in the other direction, the switch opens the gate and activates the track switch. In some cases, you will need a key to unlock the barrier that is blocking the exit. Some exits can only be reached by using a teleporter. And what about the rails and tubes that guide the ball exactly where the player wants to roll it?

Crane screenshot

Another cool tool is to celebrate your return from the original game. A crane that automatically reverses the direction of the ball. But if the crane had two turning fields in the original game, 200 ways Give them twice the number – and then give them twice the way to handle the ball. In addition, there are tools to reduce the size of the ball so that it can pass through narrow areas of the level, and tools to increase the size of the ball so that it does not fall into a small area. You may need to rotate the level to find all the traps and hints.

Grid screenshot
Screenshot of the bridge

200 ways It has two different level sets, each with its own graphics and soundtrack.

200 ways Offers over 20 hours of gameplay with a wide variety of puzzles.

200 ways Now available on Xbox!

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200 ways

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$ 14.99

The sequel to the successful brain teaser One Hundred Ways, Two Hundred Ways allows puzzle fans to overcome double their mental challenges. The mission of each of its 200 levels sounds easy: Guide one or more balls to the exit. However, at a level with up to 3 different layers and numerous ball traps, this task cannot be walked in the park.Fortunately, players can use dozens of tools to reach their goals, but increasing the number of tools will lower their level score … Features: • 200 levels that keep players busy for long periods of time • Over 40 to make it easier Tools Guide each ball – or more difficult… • Up to 3 balls per level • Up to 3 layers per level • Real-time 3D isometric view • Players zoom in / out and rotate levels to strategy Can be improved • Gradually increasing difficulty • Tutorial level for each tool • Two level themes, each with its own soundtrack • Game languages: English and German