Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Noir Cyberpunk Point and Click “Sandu” Appears on Nintendo Switch Next Week

If the tagline in this article didn’t give it, The Sundew — a game created by a team of female developers — combines old-fashioned point-and-click styling. Monkey Island 3 Curse With cyberpunk noir Blade Runner..

Instead of playing as the protagonist of Rickbrush Threepdeckard and the filthy monsters created by these two games, play as Anna Isobe, a cyborg police officer in the Japanese city of Shibukawa trying to solve a global plot. Why Japan is in the ruins …

The new trailer above confirms that The Sundew, which will be released on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and, will be released on October 14th. Games are now available for pre-purchase at the Nintendo eShop (We / England) With a 10% release discount.

Is the pitch of “Cyberpunk Monkey Island” full of nostalgia and excitement? Are you really crazy about cyber noir? Let us know in the comments!