Friday, December 3rd, 2021

No, Cyberpunk 2077 will not appear on the Xbox Game Pass

CD Projekt Red has revealed that the studio currently has no plans to bring the game to the Xbox Game Pass, despite rumors that it may move to a subscription service.

In response to Speculation The game may be heading for the Game Pass (according to VGC reports), Radek Grabowksi, global PR director for CD Projekt Red, confirmed that it wasn’t.

“I wanted to chime because I didn’t have a Cyberpunk 2077 game pass plan,” Grabowski confirmed on a social media platform.

The first speculation that the game could be heading for the game path emerged after a recent marketing video of Xbox Cloud Gaming on the console seemed to show a simple fragment of the game. This led to the theory that games could appear on the platform, as players accessing cloud gaming on the console now need to retain the final membership of the Game Pass.

Grabowski’s comments may rule out the possibility that the studio will bring the game to the platform in the near future, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be available on the platform. Over the years, Microsoft has successfully introduced many third-party games to the Game Pass. So fans who want Cyberpunk to hit the platform shouldn’t give up all their hopes yet.

As part of Xbox’s 20th anniversary, Sarabond, head of the Microsoft gaming ecosystem, recently founded the origins of the company’s popular subscription service and how it was first set up as a video game rental service under the codename Arches. I investigated in detail about. In an interview, Bond said in an interview that the company’s decision to divert Arches to a subscription service now known as Game Pass is partly due to the success of other companies that have adopted similar models such as Netflix and Spotify. I explained.

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