Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Nintendo’s new online tier price obscures Animal Crossing updates-NVC582

Animal Crossing: The road to New Horizons has a lot of new content, including a major extension of DLC. The NVC crew is excited about the update, but not so excited about the Nintendo Switch Online pricing news bundled with the announcement. Join us as Seth Macy, Peer Schneider, Cat Bailey and Taylor Lyles will respond to all of today’s big announcements. Furthermore, the impression of Pokemon 4th generation remake, new segment, etc.!


  • 00: 00: 00-Welcome!
  • 00:02:11-New pricing for Nintendo Switch Online
  • 00: 16: 18-Animal Crossing Direct!
  • 00: 27: 24-Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Preview
  • 00:36:47-Cat’s Take
  • 00:50:05-Question block and ending

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