Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Nintendo’s monthly rewind reminds us of the big games and updates in November

Nintendo has been making videos for “Monthly Rewind” for a long time. This video presents the major releases and moments of last month with a very energetic narration. The November iteration arrived, reminding us that it was a pretty remarkable month for Switch (and mobile is also mentioned).

of course Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Is a major headline along with the Pokemon Unite update, and also emphasizes that existing games (both free and paid) have had significant updates, giving them extra life.We were big fans of Animal Crossing: New Leaf-Happy Home Paradise especially.From well-known IPs to obviously weird ones, pretty decent e-shop titles will also be unveiled. DEEEER Simulator: Your average everyday deer game..

December will naturally be quiet, but some interesting download games and updates could regain slack in the absence of top-selling retail titles.

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