Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Nintendo’s Metroid Dread Global Marketing Campaign Continues

image: Nintendo

Release Metroid dread Is approaching rapidly, and it seems that Japan is not the only country to postpone Mercury Steam’s next Nintendo Switch release.

In Mexico, there are some famous galaxy bounty hunters who have been found in big billboards and are in distrust. Again, this is the conclusion of the original Metroid story we’re talking about-not a big game like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Also Animal Crossing..It is a series A few It’s nice to see this kind of ad pop up, as it seems that it hasn’t been spotlighted enough for years.

Nintendo may be confident after a successful pre-release of the game. The title surpassed the best-selling and pre-order charts just days after it was announced. Nintendo not only has banners posted in various parts of the world, but also promotes Metroid Dread in reports and social media posts. Just this week it dropped a new commercial: