Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Nintendo’s intellectual property dispute hits “unofficial amiibo manual” Kickstarter

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Update: Due to intellectual property disputes related to the use of amiibo fonts, the Kickstarter of The Unofficial amiibo manual was put on hold.

Enter the page The following information is currently given:

The unofficial amiibo manual is the subject of intellectual property disputes and is currently unavailable.

We have been working with Paul Murphy, The people behind the project (and magazines like that Switch player with Ninety Fresh), he told us that he wanted to solve the problem, Is not Indicates that the book has been cancelled-although he is happy to return the refund to anyone who wishes to obtain the book.

A similar situation occurred in 2016, when Bitmap Books saw that its NES Visual Compendium had been subject to an IP dispute over its design. This was quickly resolved, and the crowdfunding campaign was able to continue.

ability [Mon 12th Apr, 2021 16:00 BST]: If you are looking for a physical companion to our growing amiibo database, then this small handbook will help you more.

From Ninty Media, the team behind “Switch Player” magazine and “Ninty Fresh” magazine, this new manual has been Destroyed its Kickstarter goal It will be expanded to people’s doorsteps later this year. It was written by Paul Murphy, head of Ninty Media, and aims to categorize every available character, including all those super rare characters that spend a penny on eBay:

“There are currently 208 types of amiibo available commercially. It is a concise compilation showing every little plastic (well, actually more resin…some of them wool!) for some of the best video game characters Entertainment.

Whether you intend to collect each, selected or specific franchise, the “Unofficial Amiibo Handbook” will serve you with excerpts of each character containing information and interesting facts. If you want to buy them today, there are even approximate prices.

Amiibo Manual©Ninty Media

At the time of writing, the project has raised more than £17,000 (well exceeding its original goal of £3,000), and nearly 750 supporters have joined it. If the number of supporters reaches 1,000, the book will also receive a small guide about the characters of “Pokémon Rumble U” as an extra gift to those who support it.

Many different layer options are also provided to provide supporters with additional rewards, such as posters, PDF downloads, pin badges, and so on.

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