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Nintendo’s Best (and Worst) Game Awards-Zelda, Smash, and Other Zelda

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Nintendo stores its own first-party announcements for sporadic Nintendo Direct presentations and often marches to the beat of its own DK Bongo. The exception is Geoff Keighley’s annual awards bash, The Game Awards. Over the years, there have been some amazing announcements and announcements from Mario’s house at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. So it’s no wonder Nintendo fans expect one or two surprises at this year’s TGA Ceremony on December 9th.

But what should we expect? Now, Reggie’s back, presenting awards and rumors, suggests a world premiere of a long-term plan that some suggestions may be related to Zelda. Beyond that, it’s hard to predict, so we scrutinized all seven previous shows and collected patterns that we don’t know if it suggests what Nintendo is preparing for The Game Awards 2021.

We start from the beginning, a very good place to start …

Game Awards 2014-Koji Kondo, Reggie, Breath of the Wild

Famous Nintendo composer Koji Kondo celebrates his first year with a Super Mario Bros. themed piano performance, followed by an opening speech by legendary (and now former) Nintendo American President Reginald Fiss Aime. Was done. Even enthusiastic Nintendo fans were enough to evoke warm and nostalgic feelings.

For the rest of the show, there were no Nintendo surprises during the three-hour event, but the game that worked was impressive.Shigeru Miyamoto introduced the next gameplay video Super Mario Maker I saw the untitled gameplay of the time on the Wii U for the first time The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild I booked a show.Instead of the hype trailer, Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma sat next to the TV and explained the game as if we, the audience, happened to stop by for a cold glass of Ron Ron milk and slices. Monster cake..The quaint presentation showed many of the features that made Breath of the Wild famous, but Aonuma states that the game will be released in 2015. Suffocated Doritos..

The show ended with a collaboration between Koji Kondo and Imagine Dragons. Looking back now, I don’t know if it was as strange as it was then.

What is our performance on Nintendo’s presence at TGA 2014? Bokoblin B..

Game Awards 2015-Satoru Iwata Tribute

Nintendo has been a quiet year since its relatively substantial debut, but nothing was noticeable at TGA 2015. Despite much behind the scenes, the company “has nothing to announce.”

But Reggie is back, this time Respect for the late Satoru Iwata, The man who shaped and enriched our lives through the wonderful games we grew up in. He’s still terribly missed by us here at Nintendo Life, and despite the company’s slim TGA show at the forefront of the game, 2015 was a moving show for Nintendo fans.

We refrain from giving TGA 2015 a rating because of emotional compromise.

Game Awards 2016-The Breath of the Wild

Following exhilaration Breath of the Wild Trailer Announced at E3 earlier this year, TGA 2016 has demoted some new footage of expected titles to the pre-show.

The Nintendo Treehouse further deepened its breath of the wild romance with TGA by offering a gameplay premiere in the middle of the show, but to soothe Nintendo fans who weren’t represented in the two-hour long event. I felt it was included in.

Regarding evaluation, TGA2016 Courage Triforce Thank you for bringing me a little. Wisdom and power did not exist this year.

Game Awards 2017-More Breath of the Wild

Are you still looking at the pattern? Breath of the Wild not only won three awards (Game of the Year, Best Game Direction, Best Action / Adventure Game), but also shadow-dropped a second DLC – Champions Ballad – After drawing the Master Sword on stage for his masterpiece.

Aonuma’s dazzling announcements and award-winning speeches still bring smiles to our faces many years later. Bayonetta 1 & 2 For Nintendo Switch, TGA 2017 deserves at least that 762 Korok seeds out of 900..

Game Awards 2018- Breath of the Wild Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Breath of the Wild is a baton Super Smash Bros. Ultimate One of the amazing challengers away from the left fielder reveals something he’s never seen before – Joker Person 5..under consideration Persona 5: Strikers Another year will not be revealed, and Person 5 Not yet on Nintendo Switch (Seriously – where is it?), It’s no exaggeration to say that no one has seen this come.

Nintendo didn’t announce much else to note, but with the launch of Smash Bros. Ultimate and the interruption of the Game of the Year presentation by Phantom Sieves, Joker was announced as the first Fighters Pass DLC character to the company. It turns out that some tricks are still hidden Raise its sleeves that didn’t include the open world Zelda game.

TGA 2018 6 out of 8 phantom sheave calling cards..

Game Awards 2019-Bravely Tumbleweed


TGA 2019 has disappointed Nintendo fans. Despite resigning from Nintendo’s US president, the good old Reggie has appeared. He made a speech about the importance of indie games and awarded the Fresh Indie Game award. He had nothing to do with Nintendo, except that he worked for Nintendo and his fans liked him.

Fire Emblem won the best strategy game.Luigi’s Mansion 3 won the Best Family Game and was announced Bravely Default II.. It’s a great game, but that’s it.

Winner of TGA 2019 1 in 4 main characters of Chibi anime..

Game Awards 2020-Mario is stabbed

with some reason TGA 2020 was held online, not at the Microsoft Theater. The cheers and hype from the audience were largely overlooked, but anyway most of us were watching the previous six shows from the computer chairs, so for the viewer, the year was as usual in business. bottom.

For Nintendo, 2020 is a very good reflection of 2019. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is back on the reins and Sephiroth has announced that he will join the large ensemble as the third fighter in the second Fighters Pass.

Not as shocking as Joker, Sephiroth certainly captivated and excited fans. After all, he was one of the most iconic villains in the history of video games, and for some time he seemed to have killed Mario.

Revenue of TGA2020 One-winged angel out of two-winged angels..

Game Awards 2021 …?

image: Game awards

Game Awards 2021 returns to a live show at the Microsoft Theater, showing that Nintendo could surprise fans, but only one major announcement is made each year. ..

Looking back at all the past years, there is a clear pattern. If it’s not Breath of the Wild, Smash Brothers will happen. Sora was the last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter, so I’m 99% sure that Masahiro Sakurai won’t get off the rafters to announce Goku and the third Fighters Pass.

But still untitled The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Not shown in detail yet. We know it’s scheduled for 2022, so if Nintendo demos gameplay or world premiere similar to TGA 2014 or 2016, it’s probably not surprising to see an official title announcement.

But who knows?Maybe Nintendo will change gear and show us more Bayonetta 3..After success Metroid Dread And that Game of the Year nomination, maybe — just Maybe — — Metroid Prime 4 It will emerge from the abyss.And where was Mario hiding? Super Mario Odyssey?? Possibilities and hype are always there. At the very least, you don’t have to wait long to see what you get.


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