Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Nintendo’s American branch didn’t like the idea that GameCube was purple

Image: Nintendo Life

Xbox isn’t the only one celebrating its 20th anniversary this week. GameCube has sold about 21 million units worldwide in its lifetime, but now it has been revived in North America for 20 years.

Purple may seem like a good theme for the system, but before it went on sale in 2001, there were a lot of questions from within Nintendo.In an interview with our friend VGC Former Nintendo Marketing and Corporate Vice President Perrin Kaplan commemorated the 20th anniversary by talking about how the US branch initially advised on this color due to concerns about bad press. ..

“We actually suggested that purple wasn’t the best from the beginning. [Japan] “No, I will use it,” he said. Then we asked for black and silver. Because I don’t think anyone in the United States has actually turned purple before. “

“… It’s not that I couldn’t pull out another color of hardware. It was a very …” female “color. I think I just didn’t feel masculinity. I remember being very nervous at E3 because I got bad news purely based on color. “

Beth Ruwellin, a former corporate communications director at Nintendo of America, recalls that the purple color of the GameCube made the battle between Sony and Microsoft at the time difficult.

“This is before Apple. Choosing your color these days is like making a statement. But at the time, all gaming systems were black … even white is actually widespread. No. Nintendo was never a tech story, but we were always fighting what Sony and Microsoft competitors are doing from a PR perspective, even with this purple box. , It didn’t help at all there. “

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