Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Nintendo’s 81st Annual General Meeting will allow remote voting

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Nintendo announced its main financial performance and broader strategy in its annual financial results earlier this spring, but under normal circumstances, an annual general meeting of shareholders (annual general meeting) will be held this summer to formally determine the role of directors and accounts ; Its date is 10:00 am, June 29th, Japan time. However, due to the current public health situation in Japan, the company has confirmed that attendees of the 81st Annual General Meeting will be able to conduct remotely and even vote online.

The timetable is fairly standard; key director roles will face re-election, but throughout Nintendo’s history, this is largely a formality—especially when the company reported incredible profits last year. This may also see the official appointment of Chris Meledandri’s board of directors, he is the founder of Illumination, the company is making the upcoming Mario animation film. His role will be an “external director”, which means he will be involved in consulting roles in specific areas in his case film production and animation projects.

Long Call notice In addition to the complete audit report, to a large extent the details in the previous announcements and financial reports have been reiterated. One detail that caught our attention is the official statistics of Nintendo’s employees-this would refer to those officially employed by Nintendo Co., Ltd., and may not include various second parties that work exclusively with the company but are independent entities. The total number of employees has increased by 374 compared to last year, and currently stands at 6,574.

As always, we will pay close attention to any interesting details that appear after the AGM.