Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Nintendo wants to know if you are willing to spend $50 on a new WarioWare game

Many Nintendo fans hope to see the return of the Switch generation is WarioWare.

Micro-games can be said to be perfectly integrated with the system’s touch control and Joy-Con controller. When will it happen? Although we regret not sharing information about the new WarioWare (at least for now), YouTube user Beta64 He posted on Twitter the official investigation his wife had recently received from Nintendo.

Here’s the place in more detail-as you can see, Nintendo wants to know how interested fans will be if the next WarioWare entry costs $49.99 (or about 34 GBP/40 EUR/58 CAD/64 AUD). The options range from “Definitely Will Buy” to “Definitely Will Not Buy”.This is the same as the price recently republished Mitopia On the switch.

Since this is a poll that not everyone can respond to, we decided to recreate it on Nintendo Life. So here you are:

At least, this seems to confirm that the WarioWare series will actually return. For Nintendo, this is just a matter of pricing. Can we see a new entry on this year’s Nintendo E3 Direct Broadcast?